04-14-2021 11:50 AM
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  1. worldspy99's Avatar
    Visited some friends later on and enjoyed home made dosa with coconut and tomato chutney.
    Very tasty.
    01-28-2018 09:02 AM
  2. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    So on national pizza day yesterday I had a goat cheese pitza with beef bacon bits. The GF had the same, minus the bacon as she's vegetarian. img_20180209_205155.jpg
    02-10-2018 09:04 AM
  3. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    Wings and soda...img_20180202_130425.jpg
    02-10-2018 08:10 PM
  4. worldspy99's Avatar
    Vermicelli with mung bean peanut curry sauce and fixings. Yummy.
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    02-10-2018 08:36 PM
  5. worldspy99's Avatar
    Snap peas salad with chilli tamarind peanut dressing. It was absolutely amazing.
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    02-10-2018 08:37 PM
  6. raycpl's Avatar
    Kimchi soup

    and one of my fave. Bibimbap

    ... !
    02-14-2018 03:28 AM
  7. raycpl's Avatar
    Steamed buns for supper.

    ... !
    02-14-2018 07:42 AM
  8. raycpl's Avatar
    ...and a of apple crumble cheese cake for afters

    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!

    ... !
    02-14-2018 07:48 AM
  9. raycpl's Avatar
    Mix and match

    A nice light garden salad


    Seafood fried noodles

    ... !
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    02-17-2018 03:16 AM
  10. Ryujingt3's Avatar
    Is anyone a fan of Thai food? I might start posting some pictures here.
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    02-17-2018 05:52 AM
  11. raycpl's Avatar
    I had the some really delicious Thai food while back in Penang. Very authentic. Please post some pictures. Would love to see what Im missing nowadays!! Slurp slurp!!
    (edit: that was green curry & white tomyam. The heat was off the scale for me, just wandering of other Thai food was so spicy
    ... !
    02-17-2018 06:10 AM
  12. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    Spicy fish in some Turkish restaurant I went to for lunch last week...yes, that's the fish on the left underneath the tomato and pepper...img_20180220_123311.jpg
    02-24-2018 04:22 PM
  13. nate0's Avatar
    Seems to taste even better when it's delivered 😀
    02-28-2018 09:45 PM
  14. worldspy99's Avatar
    Spumoni and Tiramisu.
    Why just have one?
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    03-02-2018 05:38 PM
  15. worldspy99's Avatar
    Falafel bowl and sliced fries.
    Naf Naf Grill in Chicago. Really tasty.
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    03-02-2018 05:39 PM
  16. worldspy99's Avatar
    Homemade salsa and chips from store.
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    03-02-2018 05:40 PM
  17. worldspy99's Avatar
    Gujarati thali at Jay Bharat in Artesia, CA.
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    03-02-2018 05:40 PM
  18. MSFTisMIA's Avatar

    ...spring rolls to start...mvimg_20180310_190528.jpg
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    03-11-2018 10:30 AM
  19. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    ...The GF a Pad Thai with seafood in an egg crepe...mvimg_20180310_191329.jpg
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    03-11-2018 10:31 AM
  20. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    ...I had a ginger steak with green beans, carrots and Jasmine rice (not pictured)mvimg_20180310_191337.jpg
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    03-11-2018 10:33 AM
  21. worldspy99's Avatar
    Homemade guacamole. Yum.
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    03-11-2018 05:48 PM
  22. worldspy99's Avatar
    Fried cauliflower for a starter at Siros in Quincy, MA
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    03-14-2018 09:00 PM
  23. worldspy99's Avatar
    Angel hair pasta in spicy sauce with parmesan cheese crusted rolled eggplant. Amazing main course.
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    03-14-2018 09:01 PM
  24. worldspy99's Avatar
    Tiramisu for dessert.
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    03-14-2018 09:01 PM
  25. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    Steak frites. mvimg_20180316_194730.jpg
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    03-16-2018 11:33 PM
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