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    Top Ten Surprises of Windows Phone 8.1

    10. You can create as many folders as you want but each folder must contain the same number of items.

    9. WiFi access auto-enables only when youve exceeded your monthly data plan.

    8. Quiet Hours are limited to phones with 1 gig or more. 512 phones are limited to hour of quiet in 6 minute intervals at its discretion.

    7. Favd photos have special SnapChat feature. Hot photos are replaced by photos of your family pet. Your secret is safe.

    6. Geo Fence now protects your phone from the installation of Flappy Bird and all its variants.

    5. Double tap to Unlock / double tap Power Off. When both are enabled, double tapping deletes your account and your phone turns into the Microsoft Kin.

    4. Password protection is gesture based for Office documents. Best 2 out of 3 in Rock, Paper, Scissors.

    3. Daniel Rubino sings country western hits on Nokia MixRadio.

    2. Cortana refuses your request until you first apologize calling her stupid.

    And the number one Top Ten Surprises of Windows Phone 8.1

    1. Auto-rotation of start screen are peel and stick stickers.
    03-31-2014 10:01 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    03-31-2014 10:16 PM
  3. Guytronic's Avatar

    Still giggling here!
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    03-31-2014 10:19 PM
  4. snowmutt's Avatar
    10) The "." in 8.1 will be an exclusive in Nokia Phones. All other OEMs use left over "M&M"s from their old Android versions names.
    9) Live Tiles will come with an option to set any color you want to allow for optimized personalization. So long as it is black.
    8) The ability to run games on devices with no RAM what-so-ever.
    7) Removal of "Copy and Paste" feature. We never liked that NoDo update.
    6) New Scroogled ads sent to your phone OTA.
    5) New battery enhancements to improve cell phone life including solar panels, teeny-tiny windmills that plug into your audio jack, and an option to hand crank.
    4) An extra day a week added to your calender, way better then those paltry "7 day a week" wussie calenders on Androids, iPhones, and BlackBerries.
    3) VCR players.
    2) Actual, physical Easter Eggs.

    And .... the #1 Surprise of Windows Phone 8.1......

    1) A "Beat All/End all" app gap solution. After much negotiation and with Microsoft agreeing to pay Samsung a 1.237 Billion dollar liscencing fee, WP 8.1 will now have the exclusive ability to side load all BadaOS apps.
    04-01-2014 02:41 AM
  5. aximtreo's Avatar
    Great job guys. Love the ability to add humor to things so digital.
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    04-01-2014 08:44 AM

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