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    To begin with,
    I didn't find any way of changing the profile picture, be it for Facebook or outlook directly from the "ME" tile. You can only change the picture that your me tile shows such actually doesn't get synced aft all. Moreover I am actually facing troubles linking the Facebook app to my phone.
    Neither you get the pictures from your friends' Facebook profiles directly from the phone. In this aspect windows phone 8 certainly out beats windows phone 8.1.

    The games hub did get updated but it actually refuses to show the games collection that your phone possesses.

    The music+ videos hub had been separated, but there previous video player was much better.

    The music hub has got quite a few noticeable bugs.

    Other than these, there are certain minor, but visible issues of network, syncing, battery charging, etc.
    04-16-2014 01:32 AM
  2. halcyonboy's Avatar
    Yeah, I also got a bit frustrated when none of my contacts had pictures, where previously all that info was pulled down from facebook. But after some fiddling and digging around I discovered that while they have removed the explicit facebook integration from the people hub, they've now included this within the facebook app itself.

    Basically the facebook app now plugs into the people hub and once you've linked this app up and signed into it, the people hub behaves pretty much the same way as we expected from WP8, just with a few minor differences. The first time you link the facebook app up, it starts syncing your friends etc. and while it took a while, my people hub now seems to be displaying again the way I expected. While the built in integration being gone is not great, I think if they keep the facebook app updated properly, it could surpass the old functionality in that it means we'll get updates to areas of the system more often.

    Similarly the music app, which is apparently the beta app from last year, will be getting updates soon, so lets hope all these app updates bring things up to par with wp8, and maybe even surpass things? I'm excited to see where they go. and hopefully some of the other glitches like networking and battery etc will get sorted with the final oem tweaked 8.1 firmware etc.
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    04-16-2014 07:29 AM

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