1. jabtano's Avatar
    What feature really matters to you in your mobile device. Would it be sound capabilities or camera capabilities? Both would be great, but lets just say besides the ability to make calls and surfing the net. Mine is the camera capabilities. I'm a shutterbugs so having my mobile that can snap good quality shots is important to me. Beats caring my Nikon around with me. So what's yours?
    05-12-2014 06:56 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    That's a great topic!

    I'm with you on camera capabilities, since I don't always have my camera with me.
    05-12-2014 08:10 PM
  3. Zulfigar's Avatar
    I'm more into hard specs; fastest SoC and high ram. I like this thread's idea by the way! :D
    05-12-2014 08:30 PM
  4. Guytronic's Avatar
    05-12-2014 08:30 PM
  5. Himanshu Chowdhary's Avatar
    Camera (I will prefer pureview /Carl zeiss optics )
    05-12-2014 09:32 PM
  6. associatedpress's Avatar
    Camera 📷 for sure!!! One of the main reasons I switched from iPhone has been Nokias awesome camera capabilities. My Icon has not let me down so far.
    05-12-2014 09:35 PM
  7. jmshub's Avatar
    The camera is one of the biggest sellers of the Lumia for me. They always say the best camera is the one you have with you, so it really helps to have a good camera in your pocket all of the time. I also play music or podcasts from my phone a lot, so good support for that is important to me too.
    05-13-2014 09:51 PM
  8. gedzum's Avatar
    Yeah I will also have to say the camera ranks high in my priority. The reason I went from the Lumia 800 to 920 was for the camera and lenses feature.
    05-14-2014 03:11 AM
  9. amagner's Avatar
    +1 on camera
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    05-14-2014 09:10 PM
  10. Christopher Lindsay's Avatar
    File browser
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    05-14-2014 09:15 PM
  11. thron's Avatar
    The only research I did prior to purchasing my 520 was ensure whatsapp could be installed. I'm easy to please.

    The added, unexpected awesomeness (live tiles) is a bonus.

    Other than that, txting & the web are all I care about.
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    05-14-2014 09:18 PM
  12. palandri's Avatar
    Camera, GPS, Maps are all important to me.
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    05-14-2014 09:18 PM
  13. jmshub's Avatar
    Good call on the GPS.
    05-14-2014 09:26 PM
  14. palandri's Avatar
    Good call on the GPS.
    A couple of things about GPS:

    I've used it a few times in Chicago in the winter to find alternative routes to avoid traffic jams. My wife is French and I've used it a few times in France when I got totally turned around on a cloudy day to find out where the heck I was. There's also a lot of villages in France that have their own application for their village that uses GPS to show you historical points in their village. I'll never forget when I downloaded the Biot, France application and fired it up in Chicago and it said I was 4,627 miles from Biot, France.
    05-14-2014 11:14 PM
  15. Iki Taba's Avatar
    Besides the camera, definitely the display (love the display on my Lumia 1520).
    05-15-2014 02:06 AM
  16. jabtano's Avatar
    Speaking of GPS I’ve used mine while sailing. Meh Radar is better at that point.I have a friend who has the L920 and according to him here drive never gets it right. while for me here drive has been spot on.

    I ve used all the camera apps out there and I came down to two Nokia cam and Pro shot
    05-17-2014 02:28 AM

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