07-14-2014 07:23 PM
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  1. Carlos002's Avatar
    Well actually she does predict but.... NO!
    its not 100% accurate
    what she really does is to give her own idea of the game
    07-01-2014 07:50 PM
  2. sahib lopez's Avatar
    Well actually she does predict but.... NO!
    its not 100% accurate
    what she really does is to give her own idea of the game
    Say what now :o?

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    07-01-2014 09:08 PM
  3. baseballbert's Avatar
    Howard was a beast in goal today. Wando almost won it at the end if regulation. That would've been huge.

    It was still pretty fun to watch all if the games to see how excited people got.
    07-01-2014 09:16 PM
  4. gedzum's Avatar
    The Belgium-USA game was very entertaining for a neutral like me. Both teams created a number great chances to score and they were really having a go at each other. Tim Howard was outstanding. The defence in front of him battled hard but occasionally they looked like they were getting tired or just caught on the break too easily. The second half of extra time was chaos. I loved it..if only both teams could go through. They both deserved it!
    07-02-2014 01:29 AM
  5. Andrew Atalla's Avatar
    The game got exciting at the end because of Belgium's 2 goals. The United States always plays with a boring defensive tactic. Belgium was the better team, at least it will try to score goals in the next matches unlike the US which played its four games defensively. I was hoping for the US to win but they would make a boring quarter and semi final.
    Sorry 4 the bad English.
    07-02-2014 01:46 AM
  6. Martsicky's Avatar
    Any bets?
    France - Germany 1:2
    Brasil - Colombia 1:1, No goals in ET and Brasil wins in Penalty Shootouts.
    07-04-2014 10:39 AM
  7. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    France played well today. It is good to see France back on the world stage, as they were such a joke for a decade. The German defense still scares me because it feels like it can be beaten with solid pace and good finishing. Still, they made every key tackle that needed to be made and every key save.

    The Germans played like they always do today: technically sound football.
    07-04-2014 01:02 PM
  8. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    I'm rooting for Colombia to pull the ginormous upset. Brazil keeps leaving it up to Neymar to bail them out in the same way that Messi has to bail out Argentina.
    07-04-2014 01:03 PM
  9. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    Nice goal by Silva to put Brazil up early. Perekman needs to remind his team that they have weathered the storm somewhat and with Brasil practically living on their side of the field they are down only 1-0. Colombia has to great some more chances or I can see Brasil scoring a second goal to ice the game...
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    07-04-2014 03:54 PM
  10. sahib lopez's Avatar
    I'm rooting for Colombia to pull the ginormous upset. Brazil keeps leaving it up to Neymar to bail them out in the same way that Messi has to bail out Argentina.
    ^this !!!!! it sucks that teams do that
    07-04-2014 04:33 PM
  11. dov1978's Avatar
    David Luis.......what a goal!
    07-04-2014 04:34 PM
  12. sahib lopez's Avatar
    that goal by luiz .....that was just pure awesome !
    07-04-2014 04:34 PM
  13. sahib lopez's Avatar
    im keeping my word though..... brazil isn't going to win the cup....
    07-04-2014 04:35 PM
  14. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    Good effort by Colombia...although like France earlier, their youth was on display and not an advantage. Mega mega semi final ahead with Germany v Brasil. If the Germans want to get to the final, they better play better in the back...
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    07-04-2014 05:01 PM
  15. Manuel Chavez87's Avatar
    Omg, the first 45 minutes were great!! They put a lot of energy in there!! The other half was good also.
    Too bad for Neymar... In part i think that the referi (dont know the name in english, the judge?) has some guilt, they were playing with a lot of hard fouls, and he didnt take any yellow card. Yes, in the second half he put some, but they were for stupid things, but none for the hard hits that they gave each other. He didnt put a stop for that.

    No Thiago Silva and no Neymar vs Germany... i see it really bad for them.

    Now waiting for Argentina tomorrow! Hope that they wake up as Brazil did today.
    07-04-2014 07:08 PM
  16. Lenin17301's Avatar
    With Neymar out of the World Cup is clear sailing for Germany, they will reach the final, to me, against Argentina. As to who will win that match, I'll say Germany 1 - Argentina 0.
    07-04-2014 07:20 PM
  17. rafaldo's Avatar
    Such a massive blow Neymar is out! So gutted! Brazil essentially out now, hope Argentina can beat Germany in the final but, given the way they have played, getting past Holland will be very difficult for them!
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    07-04-2014 07:27 PM
  18. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    Nice goal by Higuain. We will see how the Belgians respond...
    07-05-2014 11:12 AM
  19. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    Quality win by Argentina.
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    07-05-2014 12:53 PM
  20. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    Good job Argentina. Glad they won, for three reasons. First, I really like Argentina. Second, I love Messi. Third, I wanted Belgium to lose for what they did to the US. :P
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    07-05-2014 12:57 PM
  21. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    Costa Rica, I hope, will win, but I doubt it. :-/
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    07-05-2014 12:57 PM
  22. abdullah abu alasal's Avatar
    07-05-2014 01:19 PM
  23. MSFTisMIA's Avatar
    Win or lose today, Costa Rica has secured its place as one of the top CONCACAF teams with its World Cup performance. Glad to see our conference is seen in a much better light.
    07-05-2014 03:05 PM
  24. Manuel Chavez87's Avatar
    Costa Rica made their best World Cup. clap clap clap!! Good for them, i hope they continue with this road, same to USA.
    They made a great match vs netherland, 120 minutes that they gave all. Navas, no words to describe him. They are saying that this is the World Cup of the goalkeepers. I think its true. Many of them are shining.
    I hope the final to be Brazil vs Argentina, because its the great south america match, it will be a war in the field, in the stadium, outside, would be a great show!! But i have to say that i already bet that the final would be Germany vs Netherlands. Hope i'm wrong
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    07-05-2014 06:18 PM
  25. Usama Jawad96's Avatar
    What a match! :D The first 45 mins were kinda stale in my opinion with the Dutch being too defensive but 60th minutes onward, the match was great.RVP didn't impress me too much today, caught offside 10 times,I believe, but I'm glad he didn't let the pressure get to him when taking the penalty. Robben and Sneijder were pretty awesome. The costa rican keeper impressed me again today, though I felt sorry that he couldn't save any of the penalties but made awesome saves during the first 120 mins. And boy, what a master stroke by the Dutch coach! Bringing Krul one min before the final whistle, definitely a brave and most probably match winning decision.
    Individual performances aside,I believe Netherlands will have to buck up their game a bit of they want to win more matches.A round of applause for Costa Rica, they won our hearts today ;)
    07-05-2014 06:21 PM
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