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    Hey guys, just wanted to make a little tribute to Nokia by showing every single Nokia phone I have ever owned, feel free to contribute to this post if you share my passion :)

    The first of all: I'm only 22 so I haven't bought a lot of phones with my own money but the N73 was my own gift that I gave to myself after my first job in summer 2007, I was so proud of it, it put all the other cameraphones to shame in my classroom. This phone replaced my 'dumb' benq and the learning curve was HUGE considering it was my first smartphone. In 2014 the N73's camera is not good by the current standards (but I bet it's still one of the best 3.2 Megapixel cameras on a phone right now) but I have a lot of saved memories that were taken by it. The phone had a monstrous sound level with its speakers mounted on top of the phone (though it used to rattle at high volume). Is worth to mention that the speaker grill was the only visible metal part of the phone, overall it used to feel plasticky but the soft-touch finish of the back felt great. So sad this is the only picture I have of it, wearing a metal case (this case should be around my house anywhere). Curious Fact: The box included Nokia headphones...and they were AMAZING!, they were very comfortable to wear, had fabric cable, very long cord, it included an AMP!!!, controls for music and sadly a proprietary plug, best headphones included on a phone EVER.

    Enter the N95 8GB: after a very satisfying first year rocking a Nokia smartphone I was decided to continue in that route, I wasn't interested (not even a bit) on the iPhone or Samsung Omnias, let alone the terrible Sony's back then. When the N95 8GB came out I took all my money to get it. It felt like the future: the double sliding mechanism was the equivalent of taking of a Lumia 1520 out of your pocket. The speakers... OH DEAR LORD THE SPEAKERS!!!, they were freaking awesome, watching a clip from youtube or just listening music was a joy in this phone, no way you could lie to your gf by telling her that you didn't hear the phone ; ) . The screen was massive but with low resolution that was evident at the time. Sadly I only owned this phone for a couple of months, I needed money and had to sell it to one close friend. Curious Fact: The N95 included A/V cables in the box, it was a good way to play games on a big screen or to show photos too but I never used it.

    HAIL THE N82!: After I sold the N95 I wanted to get another one but a picture in a gadget magazine of the upcoming Nokia Phone, the N82 took my complete attention. As soon as I was able to get it I went to a local store to play with a N82. Big surprise, the pic of the n82 that I saw on that magazine was a render and the n82 looked like it was made out of metal, in the hand, the silver or white N82 felt a lot different, I actually didn't like it so I went back home and I was about to buy another N95 but then I saw the black version of the N82... it looked totally different, very sexy indeed. The black version was not available on my country so I had to buy it on ebay and when it arrived I was incredibly happy: the phone looked great, the screen was gorgeous, it had a bigger pixel density than the n95 and it was visible. The camera: OMFG!, the camera was so advanced at the time for a smartphone that I instantly became the official photographer for all the family reunions, parties, birthdays, you name it!, the Xenon flash was years light of distance from any phone back then, it put to shame the n95 and even in 2008 the single led flashes were only present on flagships, the xenon flash on the n82 was a very rare spec. My picture collection of the n82 is one of the largests I have on my pc and I took great videos with it as well. On the bad side the n82 had very stiff buttons which made typing long text a pain, the n95 buttons were a lot better. The current Lumia flagships should learn a thing or two from the old nokia designs, like the msd card slot on the n82 (hit for the 1520 >_<). Curious Fact: C'mon, it's 2014, make a xenon flash + led light mandatory on all flagships!...

    Nokia N900, Nokia showing it's muscle: Having a N82 and seeing how the iPhone was taking the industry by surprise with it's touchscreen everyone else changed their plans: They needed touch screens on their phones. And while Nokia did it first with the 5800 and then the N97 flagship, the reviews were poor so when the N900 was announced in 2009 I instantly wanted the damn thing. It featured a High res display, a full keyboard, carl zeiss optics, 32gb of internal storage plus mSD support! but best of all was MAEMO, it felt fresh and well designed, it was a lot prettier than Android (which was on 2.1 at the time if I remember well). Back then there wasn't the world of apps that are mandatory right now but the N900 included the basics (FB, Twitter) and it featured the most powerful web browser on a smartphone ever until then, Firefox with full flash support, yup, the n900 was an all rounder but it was never a mainstream device :/ .

    Sadly this was the end of the romance with Nokia for me because the device stopped working after 2 days, I sent it to warranty in the States but it came a month and 15 days after. When it came back I noticed that the screen was loose and that's it, I sold it.
    Curious Fact: Angry birds landed first on this phone, it may be even on your microwave right now but back then it was the best game of the system. Not counting Quake Arena of course...

    In the meantime of course I wanted a N8 or the 808 or the sexy n9 but the only Nokia device I owned was a Nokia C3... Until they unveiled the Lumia 800. Seeing the Nokia fall was so sad but the deal with M$ gave me confidence in the platform since... well it was M$, the largest software company EVER!. So I went to my local store and looked for the 800 but it was insanely priced! and finally I ended with the half-the-cost-of-the-lumia-800 Lumia 710.... andddd my love for Nokia was back!, after 3 years without a Nokia smartphone, the lumia line with WP7 felt amazingly fresh: the gorgeous design, the gorgeous zune app, the great responsiveness, the simple interface, yep, definitely my love for Nokia was back. And is worth to mention that I was this (...) close of buying a Dell Venue Pro. Not everything was perfect on the 710. The first one I've got had a stuck pixel so they changed it for a new one. The back case wasn't top notch. The camera was OK but it suffered in low light. The system lacked a notification center and after a while the home screen was a sliding disaster because there was a lot of apps and a bad use of the screen size. And on top of all the system became laggy for the first time after the 7.8 update.
    Curious Fact: WP7 was indeed the fastest way to share things on facebook or twitter via the 'Me' tile, 0.000000% of delay while opening the ME tile.

    Lumia 920, in many ways the perfect phone: I have the cyan version of the 920 right now but I also had the black version, love the refinement of the hardware, in many ways I consider this a perfect phone like the screen, camera, design, features, etc. Now that windows has reached the 8.1 version and there are A LOT of official apps available on the platform I think that the 920 is another experience when compared to the 920 when it was unveiled, that is something you can't say about most Androids or iOS devices (on Android you simply can't upgrade to a newer Android version if your phone is more than 1 year old [k,k except for nexus] and you can upgrade on iOS but you can't have new features, just aesthetics.

    Imagine if Nokia would have announced double tap to wake, glance screen, Nokia Camera, Nokia Refocus, Smart Cam, Cortana, action center, more tile sizes and parallax wallpaper since 2012?
    Curious Fact: The 920 takes longer to fully recharge its battery on the dt-900 than the recently released dt-601 (about 30 minutes more).
    06-20-2014 01:11 AM
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    I couldn't upload more pictures on the post or here in the reply but anyways, if you made it this far thanks, looking for my 920's successor, I think it might be the 1520 since I'm giving battery life a HUGE importance nowadays...
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    06-20-2014 01:19 AM
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    I couldn't upload more pictures on the post or here in the reply but anyways, if you made it this far thanks, looking for my 920's successor, I think it might be the 1520 since I'm giving battery life a HUGE importance nowadays...
    I'm probably going to get the McLaren this fall, since the 1520 is too big for me.
    06-20-2014 01:26 AM
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    I only have had three Nokia's: The Trusty L900, maybe the only real WP7.5 Flagship, the still awesome L920, the first WP8 flagship, and way back when had the Nokia 2600 Classic which was simply a block phone the size of maybe two ants end-to-end:

    Nokia 2600 classic specs

    It will be a different WP world without the Nokia nameplate to fall back on.
    06-22-2014 04:08 AM
  5. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    I'm still looking for an N95. I want one to play Snakes or Space Impact: Kappa Base on it.

    That said, every phone I've truly owned was a Nokia. My trusty C5-00, the tiny Lumia 620 and the trusty Lumia 630.
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    06-22-2014 04:14 AM
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    Hi five on the N900!

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    06-22-2014 04:30 AM
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    I'm probably going to get the McLaren this fall, since the 1520 is too big for me.

    Yea im also looking forward to getting the Mclaren when it comes out hopefully to Tmobile
    06-22-2014 04:57 AM

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