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    Hey guys,

    The World Cup has passed, but soccer remains
    I really loved having all the games on my phone's native calendar (Thanks WPC)
    So i figured, why not do the same for the upcoming season, but with leagues?

    Well, if you want this option, here's how:

    • Go to calendar.live.com and sign in
    • Click on "import"
    • Select "subscribe"

    Ok now we leave that window open for a bit and open a new tab:

    • Go to Sports Calendars | Football Games, Results, Scores, Transfers, News | Sky Sports
    • Select "Competition" for the Info Type bracket (You could also select "Team", this will give you all the fixtures for one particular team. The "Competition" option will give you all the fixtures) (Also selecting "Teams" has a bit of a downside; you can only select English teams)
    • In the Competition bracket you can select which league you would like to add (Keep in mind: if you selected "Team" previously you will only be able to follow English teams)
    • Copy the URL
    • Go back to Calendar
    • Paste the URL (in the box under "Calendar URL")
    • Name this calendar
    • Add a charm (optional)
    • Pick a color
    • Hit subscribe

    And voila

    BTW yes I do realize we have apps for this, but still find it cool that I can just glance at my calendar
    and see what games are coming up :) Also this way even if I don't have wifi or data I can still
    check the schedules

    This option won't work for cricket and NBA fans

    EDIT: It make take a minute or two for the fixtures to show up in the calendar so be patient lol
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    07-24-2014 12:44 PM

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