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    The Three word story thread has been going strong for nearly five months now. What better way to celebrate that than to compile all those random musings in one place?
    To try and make it easier to understand, I'll...try and edit it slightly.

    I'll update every now and then to try and catch up with the actual thread, too.
    Without further ado:

    (1)I'm looking for...a thing that...can be transformed with a single...fusion reactor to...find a really...good banoffee pie. So the next...banana dealer is crazy with a unique form of candle wax that stores his crazyness (sic) in lieu of the magical bananas that lie underneath his wives side...of the bed. And so he went to the WPCentral Forums to post recipes that could either make a fondue or end humanity. But shockingly he...(2) fogot (sic) his beloved handy dandy notebook that he won...in outer space...and committed suicide because he felt the bananas were...stealing the craziness...from King Kong. As it jumped, the shadows casted...a very large existential elephant egg which brought darkness and an elephant...upon the undecided...oak trees, which...wanted to flee...from the earth(.) Fleeing in flames(,) he suddenly felt...a wet tongue, a wet nose, in his armpits, in his ears (3), and his eyes...suddenly it stopped just as the...baby fell, he...produced an unusual Australium (sic) spy revolver and shot a hole in the cat. That's how you deal with the funk of stinky, wet socks causes iPhones to...spontaneously turn into...a banana pile which shot out...but misses target...and suddenly disappears(,) leaving no trace...of retina display. Which is worse...than melting kitkats (sic)...all over my cookie pie and roast dinner, but (4) it ate itself...till it nearly...exploded and harmed...the neighbor's pet...raccoon and fox(,) who were kept in cryogenic pods filled with Oreos devoid of cream and fish byproduct(,) but with plenty of gooey fudge to satisfy the hunger of 300 who were Spartans dressed like fairies with no wands but ate tri-tip and went around buying Nokia phones(,) but wanted to browse imgur for compromising photos of Mr. Bean posterior(.) All of a...(5)...sudden, there was...free 1520 for third world people who only speak in Pig Latin(,) ate their (redacted) they did. Hmmmm. (sic) Only before, they wore straw skirts to get the stick of truth and disappeared into...rich chocolate mousse...while jumping down the rabbit hole and compromising the delicious full-on breakfast...of banaanas, cherries...prepred by Oz(,) who ate tri-tip then went over to puke it and puke again taking a selfie (6) behind the gym and they smiled...doing chin-ups on the hard cement(,) abs of Schwarzenegger(,) when John Rambo learned from sahib...how to dance...the way of the jaguar who moves like Jagger and run like a beast who prances like Hilk (sic) who can't type because his fingers were eaten by an Apple fanboy who was zombified by Optimus Prime who reeked of lollipops from Lillehammer masquerading as fuzzy (7) little teddy bears and cute penguins who turned out to really be evil Atlas Titans on marshmallow surfboards roasted on fire while Johnny Cash smoked a cigar...and back handed Fred Phelps daughter (sic)(,) who was hysterical with loud farts which were heard here, there, everywhere in Dolby sound and smelt like chocolate chip cookies...dunked in milk that had spoiled in the sun which then mutated into McDonalds (sic) sundaes and oompa (sic) loompas (sic) in shagdelic tutus (8), less underwear(,) then kisses Cisco routers, making sure they're drinking a large ale at Brees when he woke...to the sound...of a very...voluptuous yet hideous orangutan whom he met at Brees. There (sic) eyes met...and thta's how...wrestlers became so good at the way they hide...from the moon...made of cheese whiz (sic) and chocolate. The next day...was very stormy...in the teacup...made in China. The hobbits decided (9) that the elves were actually leprechauns...who danced with...their pants down around the mushroom with Alice who broke his Lumia (not for real) with a 3310 which also destroyed the hash pipe...and nearby planets on the orrerry watching tri-tip commercials and puked afterward(.) Snails and gnomes who live in brown golf balls found in the NSA server labs tracking Google services while watching big foot eat Anakin again. "Ding," breakfast with crunch berries (10), bit my tongue while running to...the endless hole in Blackburn, Lancashire(,) made by a wild beast of cotton. Meanwhile, on Uranus(,) Jupiter and the seventh planet...from the east...to the bellybutton (sic)...he made sure the flux capacitor held by Igor remained steady, bit bobbed and hit the corner of the sky. Now, he ran away but he fell as Nostradamus predicted nope, Dante's hell which is actually full if (sic) cupcakes hide from BIGPADDY.

    Those are the first ten pages. 250 posts out of...many many more.
    08-08-2014 12:04 PM

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