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    Today I thought I'd check out the photomart app and print some pictures I had taken of my newborn daughter using my Lumia 1020. I have to say the process was very smooth until I showed up at WalMart to collect my pictures.
    I showed the clerk my receipt and he collected my pictures. As he approached the counter he asked me if the images actually came from my phone. I laughed and said "yes". He tells me that he believes that the photos must have a copywrite against them because there was no way these images came from a phone, they looked "to professional". I proceeded to show him my Lumia 1020 as well as the images on the device. Needless to say he shut his mouth pretty quickly!
    This just goes to show how amazing the Lumia 1020 really is and how annoying the clerks at WalMart can be!!😊
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    08-09-2014 09:12 PM

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