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    yup, I just want to come here and post about my rant of totally screwing up my laptop protecting skin, and just some random shares of my new ultrabook

    I posted a thread on this same forum about which laptop to get. Finally after touching around I felt Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro i7 is good for me, and it indeed is. In a lot of ways I felt it is better than getting a SP3, bigger screen, real keyboards, 2x USB. Not to say it is a real ultrabook doing anything SP3 does. Of course there are plus on SP3 over this like thinner, more storage, more ram, acts like a tablet (My yoga can do a backflip too making it into a pseudo-tablet if you calls it).

    And since this thing looks nice and costs 2 grands, I thought it will be wise to spend a bit more on protector skins as an investment. Delivery was within days and well packed. Feel of the skin is very smooth, maybe even better than what my yoga 2 had, it also has all the screw holes and ventilations taken care of which I worried after buying. The location of sides and contours are very exact too. Happy!

    But things don't quite work out when applying it. I tried to go down as best as I can, releasing and squeezing out air bit by bit. Still the amount of bubbles, and the scratch marks for trying to push them out is disastrous. Some even made the skin 'fold' over. T.T

    Is there anyway to apply these kind of skins without bubbles, the so-called 'wet method'?

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    08-12-2014 05:09 AM

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