1. stickyshocker's Avatar
    As the title says "What's your favourite phone of all time!" I don't mean the best spec I just mean the phone that sits in your head and you think I'm glad I had one of them.

    My favourite phone of all time is the Sony Ericsson t68i that I had the camera attachment for which cost me 150 at the time. Great little phone!
    08-22-2014 05:01 PM
  2. snowmutt's Avatar
    As much as I like WP and have respect for BlackBerry back in the day, this is an easy one for me:

    My Palm Pre Plus with WebOS. Man, I was so sad when HP killed my dreams of another one. Portrait slider which to this very day is my favorite form factor and that fun-amazing-ahead-of-it's-time OS that should have taken the world by storm and instead is just a footnote in the world of mobile.

    What waste.
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    08-22-2014 10:44 PM
  3. RaRa85's Avatar
    Besides the Nokia Lumia 1020, the HTC HD2 hands down was my favorite phone easily. It was the complete legend of a device.
    08-22-2014 10:53 PM
  4. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Phone I wish I owned: Too many to list. Nokia E7, Nokia N95, Sony Xperia Play, HTC One M8, Nokia N9, Jolla Jolla, BlackBerry Q5, a Fujitsu flip phone.
    Phone I actually own: Lumia 620. No doubt.
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    08-23-2014 01:06 AM
  5. Michael Tillman's Avatar
    Nokia astound (C7). Nokia E73, Nokia 808 pureview. I love WP8 but sometimes I get all nostalgic for Symbian!!
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    08-23-2014 01:12 AM
  6. stickyshocker's Avatar
    Used to love the Sony Ericsson p Series with the flip keypad over the touch screen and when they brought out the p910i with a qwerty keyboard on a flip keypad so small you couldn't really use it but wow when I got that it was something out of star trek and everyone used to stop me to have a play
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    08-23-2014 03:18 PM
  7. satycool's Avatar
    I love the Lumia 920 and 930. The OS, HERE Maps and Explore, Nokia build and camera, size, feel of phone, camera.

    Been through SG1, SG3, and Xperia Z2 and my partners iPhone 5c. The Lumia just feels and operates great.
    08-23-2014 03:22 PM
  8. RaRa85's Avatar
    Oh and let me not forget the HTC Fuze. It really was a nice looking phone with the slide out qwerty keyboard. I loved the UI with the TouchFlo interface. The memories.:)
    08-23-2014 11:14 PM
  9. Aniket Mhatre's Avatar
    Lumia 925 is my favourite
    Nokia Lumia 925 India
    08-25-2014 02:21 AM
  10. SneakyBox's Avatar
    Nokia 3410 :)
    08-25-2014 03:46 AM
  11. stickyshocker's Avatar
    Nokia 3410 :)
    3210 was better lol!
    08-25-2014 03:00 PM
  12. PCMasterRace's Avatar
    Nokia 3310 best phone ever :)
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    08-27-2014 02:05 PM
  13. xandros9's Avatar
    Palm Pre 2
    Palm Treo 650
    Nokia Lumia 920
    HTC HD2

    those are the ones that spring to mind
    08-27-2014 02:17 PM
  14. MSFTisMIA's Avatar

    - HTC Touch Diamond. The phone that all high end HTC models trace their design lineage to. Especially when running with a custom ROM. Coolest hardware notification around with light running around that home button.
    - HTC Kaiser: The tilted screen is still sheer genius.
    - Nokia E71: Sheer business class
    - Sony Ericsson Xperia X1: still the best Xperia so far.
    -Sony Ericsson P990: the Note Series of its day
    -OG iPhone - a real classic.

    Feature phone:

    Sony Ericsson K810i: the last of the great Sony camera phones.
    Nokia 7250i: classic Nokia tech.

    Very pleased to have owned each one of these.

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    08-27-2014 06:22 PM
  15. heickelrrx's Avatar
    Nokia Lumia 1020
    Nokia Lumia 800
    Nokia N81 8GB
    Apple iPhone 4S
    Nokia N900
    Nokia N9
    08-27-2014 06:26 PM
  16. RezMeBro's Avatar
    Nokia N97 is one of my favorite phones. Really liked the design and the flip action at that time. The thing was buggy as hell and crashed several times a day. But still. It had that "cool factor" for me.
    08-30-2014 04:12 PM

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