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    A couple of weeks ago I popped into a "Cash converters" shop in London and there was a pair of Toshiba floor standing speakers going for 30, I was going on holiday so took the decision "If they are still there when I get back I will have them", well they were, so on Monday I rode my motorbike home with a pair of heavy and tall speakers sticking out of my top-box by a mile with some tape over them.

    Hooked them up last night, really good sound for the money

    I have a house on an island with my main stereo systems, Tannoy monitor gold speakers, Quad amp, a set of Kef monitor speakers and more besides, but in our flat in London it was just a small set of JVC's, so rather than waste them I wired them up in parallel as a home made centre speaker.

    I am not massively into 5.1 sound, I actually reckon the rear/side speakers are off putting but do admit the presence of a centre speaker (However home made) actually works for films/TV.

    So my setup is now almost complete with the Xbox One controlling the lot, Virgin Tivo cable, large receiver and decent large flat screen telly and now floor standers and centre, but best of all the XB1 and the media controller (And the odd bit of voice control).

    Have to say it's a decent little system I have now, playing Forza all morning interspersed with a bit of Radiohead and telly and the sound is great.

    09-06-2014 06:29 AM

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