Surface Pro 7 deal! Save big at Amazon right now

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    So, considering I am one of the very limited number of 925 owners in Lebanon, there is no such thing as cases or screen protectors (I got a Lumia 800 screen protector which was official Nokia and top notch though). So I decided to go shop at aliexpress and found some great deals and the prices are incredibly low ($2 for a decent cover), my online credit card is coming and I will share my experience when I decide to actually use it. But please share yours too.

    FYI: aliexpress is the Chinese Amazon with cheaper prices and higher risks, though the company is trying to overhaul their image and break in the western market.
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    09-08-2014 09:06 PM
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    When the Lumia 1320 came out in India, there was no back case or flip cover available anywhere here. I found a lot of makes and models on AliExpress. I ordered from there and it reached me in 20 days.
    09-10-2014 02:47 PM
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    I just received a power bank today. I'm quite happy with them. So far I ordered about 6 watches from them and all work good. Big plus from me.

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    09-10-2014 03:11 PM

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