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    Tomorrow afternoon I will be officially bidding goodbye to my Windows phone and by extension much of the Microsoft ecosystem. My new Android device has arrived and I will activating tomorrow. It has been a great 2 and half years of using this OS, and my trusty Lumia 822 has served me well during that time. I will miss the coolness of the live tiles and notifications but am looking forward to starting a new smartphone chapter with another ecosystem and platform. There is no one single reason I can offer for leaving WP at this time. I have stuck with it through some difficult times, but this was rather a culmination of issues that I have seen in the platform and grown tired of waiting to be addressed. Not of all of those can be blamed on Microsoft, I actually want to commend them for doing a tireless and thankless job of giving their all to refine and improve this system. I think we all have to realize that there are many factors which are out of their control in terms of how WP is perceived and ultimately used.

    In closing I want to thank the fine members of this site and all who have contributed to it in some small way. You have helped provide me with a hub for news and information as well as provided support and a fantastic resource to discuss everything and anything WP under the sun. I hope this site continues going strong and continues being a source of strength and unity for the members of the WP community of which there are some very passionate fans. I'm sorry I won't be continuing the next chapter of the WP story with you. I trust you will all keep the dream of WP alive and keep the flame of passion burning forever in belief of a third way, and of a world not dominated by the hands of a bilateral and unaccountable elite.

    Goodnight and goodluck
    09-25-2014 03:20 PM

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