1. exkerZ's Avatar
    I just arrived to UCSC a few days ago. So far, I've seen two people with windows phones. Amaze balls!

    1 lumia 920
    1 lumia 1020
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    09-28-2014 09:41 PM
  2. Aresjr21's Avatar
    So far I've only seen two myself, 1 L920 and 1 L928
    09-28-2014 10:03 PM
  3. STXVI's Avatar
    In my area I see mostly 520s followed by 1520s. Occasionally a 920 pops up. But what blew my mind was seeing a 800...that is a beautiful phone.
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    09-28-2014 10:07 PM
  4. Aresjr21's Avatar
    I think the hardest phone to spot now will be the HTC One W8 simply because if you don't see the screen it could be the Android variant than the Windows variety.
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    09-28-2014 10:28 PM
  5. sanjeet_deshwal's Avatar
    Right now
    A 520 ,the guy sitting beside me in bus 👌
    09-28-2014 10:40 PM
  6. exkerZ's Avatar
    It is such a strange excitement to actually see these people in the wild! I saw a lumia icon holder now!

    1 lumia 1020
    1 lumia icon
    1 lumia 920
    09-29-2014 02:23 PM
  7. xandros9's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure there's already a thread for this
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    09-29-2014 03:35 PM
  8. Muessig's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure there's already a thread for this
    Correct! You can find it here: http://forums.windowscentral.com/gen...ows-phone.html
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    09-29-2014 03:39 PM

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