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    Top-20 things I've learned at Windows Central:

    1. Against the odds, Windows Phone users are a dedicated, passionate bunch.

    2. The mods here are exceptionally good.

    3. Tech is nice, but coffee is sublime.

    4. Windows enthusiasts are very pet-friendly.

    5. There is a thing called an app gap.

    6. Rudy Huyn is a swashbuckling antidote to #5.

    7. MS Band is the best example of the new MS under Satya Nadella.

    8. Windows 10 may be the one ring to rule them all...or not.

    9. Cortana.

    10. The need for updates is only outweighed by the need for flagships.

    11. Someone still uses a Lumia 900.

    12. The 1520 is only too big for people that have never tried it.

    13. Phone wars forum is a magnet for Android trolls.

    14. The Lumia 520 is on sale for $19.99 with a $29.99 rebate.

    15. If only WP had Instagram and Candy Crush.

    16. Xbox Music has some minor issues and Zune was perfection personified.

    17. Surface Pro was a well-kept secret but SP3 is a game-changer.

    18. There's a guy here that really, really, really likes Nokia.

    19. Xbox games on WP are dead...but alive.

    20. This thread title is the most popular one in the forum, barely nosing out "WP is dead."

    tl;dr peace out.
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