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    What was the most interesting concert experience you've had?

    Mine had to be an Alanis Morissette concert at Blossom Music Center in 1996. I got tickets from someone I worked with who couldn't go. It ended up pouring that day, so it was entertaining watching people slide down the hill in the mud, some intentionally and others not!

    I wore a rain suit and boots, so I stayed relatively mud free.

    The mud slides were funny to watch though.
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    Having to put my wife over my shoulders and carry her out of a "Stiff tour" concert after she passed out.

    Stiff were a punk/post punk record label with acts like Ian Dury.
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  3. jmshub's Avatar
    In June '04, a friend and I saw one of my favorite bands, Beulah at a small theater club in Pittsburgh. We were very close to the band in the small venue, leaning against the stage most of the concert on the left side, right in front of lead guitarist / trumpet player Bill Swan, and one of the keyboard players, Pat Noel was behind him. It was a great concert the whole time, and towards the end of the concert, the lead singer had pulled someone from the crowd on-stage to play tambourine during one of their last songs. Pat Noel pointed to me and waved me onto the stage. I jumped up on stage, and he stuck some shakers in my hand and told me to "keep a beat". For one song, Disco: the Secretary's Blues I was an honorary member of Beulah. The guitarist pulled me up to his microphone to sing along the "na na na nas" near the end of the song.

    It was a fantastic experience. Unfortunately, it was in the pre-smartphone era, so there isn't any photographic proof of any of this.


    Disco: The Secretary's Blues, from their DVD A Good Band is Easy to Kill
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  4. raycpl's Avatar
    It was early spring '82/83, Ottawa, Ont. A local a cappella group The Nylons, took to the outdoor stage at the Astrolabe Theatre. It was a late in the afternoon. The wind was bitterly cold. They belted out doo-wops, rock n'roll and a spirited rendition of Lion Sleeps Tonight (a wimoweh...a wimoweh..)
    I remember spartan stage lighting mixing with twilight as the sun began to set over the Parliament building and the Ottawa River below.
    .. The venue was ace... admission was free!!!
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  5. aximtreo's Avatar
    Tom Jones concert at the Omni in Atlanta in the late 70's and watching my wife pull a pair of panties out of her purse and throw them on the state. He picked them up, wiped the sweat off and threw them back. I though she would pass out right there. Good times.
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