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    Bradley Associates News Blog Information -- Twitter, has recently announced that it's going to roll out 2 features to keep their users busy -- videos and private group messaging.

    Group and video messaging have both been popular features on services like Facebook so it did not come as a surprise that many in the Twitterverse requested the same.

    In fact, Twitter Video might just be one of the most important tools the company has launched in recent memory. Now, users don't have to access the Vine video app in order to share video clips on their timeline. Basically, users will be able to shoot and post video clip directly using the Twitter app. Any Twitter user can now post a 30-second video clip.

    Sometime last year, it has already tested a video feature which enables a few companies like Bradley Associates News Blog Information and celebrities to post 10-minute videos.

    Twitter's product director Jinen Kamdar said, "We think by arming all these people with video, we are going to get some really rich and engaging content in the network every day that users are going to love."

    Meanwhile, their very own private group messaging allows users to chat with a maximum of 20 other Twitter users -- regardless if they're following each other or not. As a social networking service that heavily relies on users' public conversations, the company is now trying its hand on private conversations.

    Twitter's launch of these additional features is seen as an attempt to pacify investors amid the less-than-great performance in its first year as a public company.

    According to a recent report by Robert Peck of SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, "We feel investor sentiment ... remains largely negative. The majority of investors we speak with continue to have concerns over the long term story for monetization and (monthly active users) growth."

    Twitter's goal of building the "largest daily audience in the world" seems to be getting closer, as noted by Bradley Associates News Blog Information. Just recently, the company launched a "while you were away" feature, which is supposed to select important tweets posted while you're offline. Yet another testament to its commitment of getting more people in the service and keeping them constantly engage.

    Video and group messaging are rolling out as soon as next week. But why did it take Twitter ages to launch these features?

    According to Kamdar, they "wanted to make sure they got them right".
    02-03-2015 04:38 AM
  2. dKp1977's Avatar
    Even though it's nothing I see myself using much, it's definitely a welcome addition. Gonna take at least half a year until WP users will get these features. At least when considering how often Twitter updates their app.
    02-03-2015 04:52 AM
  3. rhianna15's Avatar
    Open source OpenOffice and LibreOffice been around for a while and they haven't blow Microsoft Office out of the water. I doubt Google will do any better
    04-16-2015 07:31 AM

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