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    On this years Valentines Day, EA disabled the fIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins transfer market on the companion app and the web app. They said there was an important maintenance, during the maintenance, they would continue to assess the state of the Transfer Market. On the same day, EA servers down early on Saturday in the UK or for late night gamers in the US.

    We dont know whether it is related to the crack down on coin selling or generation, which is more likely in this case. It has gone a bit quiet on that front recently.

    Whether it is part of that battle or not, trading is down on the web app and companion app, so youll need to logged in to FUT on a console or the full version of the PC game to access the market.

    Aside from the transfer market, the web app and companion app are functioning as normal.

    As for the servers down, we have investigated official support channels for EA and FIFA 15, although the only reports about problems talk about the issue affecting the FUT Store.

    FIFA 15 players were trying to find out exactly whats going on with EA servers. It looks like this is EA server problems and impacting more than just FIFA 15.

    So far in a whole month, how many times of EA servers down for FIFA 15? Which time did they explain the reason for the crash? We FIFA 15 players should have the rights to know why FIFA 15 crack down so often. It seems EA didnt know the exact cause either.

    What did the maintenance work? Why cant you fix the glitches out? We love FIFA 15, but hate the continuous issues. However, get the orange cards in FUT 15 right now before next Monday.


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    02-22-2015 03:37 AM

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