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    So this morning (GMT+7) I'm about to give it a try of Windows 10 in my only phone, Lumia 620. It did not work well, and this is the story:

    First time after update:
    - Setting screen is just like WP8, nothing change! I still have Application tab/screen in swipe.
    - Can't open setting from act. center, only able from app list
    - Messaging is always crashing
    - Outlook can't sync to my gmail account, might be because a lot of mail (including promo & spam) in that account.
    - SIM is not detected in any way and any provider.
    - Wifi can't turn back on after I turn off.
    - MS Camera (lumia camera 5 like app) is just showing green picture.
    - No Spartan & No Cortana, even I already set region to US. Maybe because my previous WP8.1 region is Indonesia.

    Then I hard reset the phone,
    more bugs is coming!

    - Every app now can't be suspended/exit by taping back button. I need to tap win key and open multitasking screen to close it.
    - Outlook still crashing
    - Messaging sometimes just showing blank black screen.
    - Can't browsing with spartan, always crashing.
    - Cortana is here, but I can't edit her notebook.

    So, I nearly disappointed because of this W10, but my story isn't ending here.
    I use Windows Phone Software recovery tools, but always failed after downloading the file, it says its variant file is wrong. And Lumia software recovery tools did this too, but it says the downloaded file is broken.
    I tried it 5 TIMES! And nothing worked! It also make my phone can't start up, it stuck at Nokia logo.
    So I panicked and frustrated. I'm about to leave my phone.
    Then I saw a post to recovering old lumia wp7 phones, they use Nokia Software Updater. So I give it a try for the last time before I throw my phone away.
    But my phone is still love me, it successfully restored by this tool. Even from appearance NSU & LSRT is identical, but I don't know why LSRT & WPSRT always fail.

    So the story is end here. My 620 is using WP8.1 again, less than 12 hours after using Windows 10.
    The End.
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    04-12-2015 11:05 AM
  2. Aziz Abdurachman's Avatar
    I don't know if this should be in off topic or windows 10 forum, I think it's more like a story rather than a bug reports.
    04-12-2015 11:09 AM
  3. Fire 29's Avatar
    That's a very horrifying story. I don't think I'll be updating my Lumia 620 to Windows 10.
    04-17-2015 09:34 AM

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