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    Any one else playing with home automation?

    It was my birthday last month so I treated myself to a set of Philips "Hue" light bulbs. I had to do the initial set up using my works Android phone but soon moved over to the excellent Windows/WP app "Huetro" and had them under full control in three standard lamps in the lounge.

    Inspired by the Hue lights but mindful of the price of the bulbs, I went into Maplin and bought some LightwaveRF control units and started on the rest of the stuff, like the Hue system I had to do the initial set up on Android but then went over to the "Home Automation" app for Windows and WP.

    First up the hot water heater was put on, then table lamps in the lounge, just completed the table lamps and a fetching LED strip in the bedroom.

    I plan to change the standard ceiling light switches over as well so almost all our lighting will be remote controlled soon.

    Along with SmartGlass controlling our Xbox Ones (Which in turn controls our TV's and Hi-Fi systems) we are well under way to being a remote controlled household.

    Can't wait to find more stuff to control
    04-18-2015 01:08 PM

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