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    As some of you are aware, I migrated to Windows Phone from Android officially on January 4th, 2013.
    I did that to get away from Google's clutches involving the insecure Google+.
    I had my Google account hacked twice, via whoever followed me on Plus, back in 2012.
    After Google enacted Plus for YouTube comments and Play reviews, I said:
    , and ordered a Lumia 822 on December 30th, 2012.
    (BTW, I still own the Samsung Fascinate, but I use that primarily as a multimedia device: PowerAmp being the main application I use on it; Xbox Music is ever so sub-par on 8.0, 8.1, and 10.)

    The 822 was a wonderful device. It was just right for my light needs for a phone, messaging, calendar, and social media. Had to add games, though...
    It was around this time (mid-May) in 2013, did the 822 suffer...
    After trying to start IE, the screen just froze. I never learned about the soft-reset at the time, but I had a removable battery. Guess what I did?
    After turning it back on, I had the following:
    ERROR: Unable to find a bootable option. Press any key to shut down.
    It was then when I was heavily frustrated.

    Returned that device for a refurbished 822. Looked in the back of the device... my eyes were wide open...
    That moment Verizon gave you a prototype device as a refurb...
    It was a well-working prototype, up to last May ('14), when it bricked itself with the SAME error!
    This time, while charging wirelessly, while I was asleep.

    Went to Verizon, showed then the device.
    Before this, my wife got her first smartphone. I literally forced her to upgrade to the Icon, all because of the Rooms feature (Shared calendars? No more asking her, "When's work?"!).
    During the RMA input, I thought the associate messed up: when I saw my receipt, it said I was going to receive an Icon, under my wife's name. Checked out: I was able to activate it under my name!

    With the Icon at hand, first thing I had to do was buy a Trident case that was red and black (favorite color scheme). But then I noticed I received no SIM card... and yet, the 822 uses a micro SIM, the Icon, a nano! Eventually found out I had to order one, as a trimmed micro to nano didn't work.
    Went straight to the 8.1 DP without a hitch. Best. Phone. Ever.

    One year later, I wanted to opt-in to 10, and now I'm here, stuck with a forever "Loading..." "Start Screen". Sure, I got Cortana and the Settings readily available, but I have the issues of not being able to access my texts and phone dialer. Luckily, incoming anything is fine... as long as I have access to the touchscreen!
    Wait, what?
    Yes. If you don't unlock the screen RIGHT when the phone shows it, you can't interface with it or the softkeys. Do a soft reset, and do it again. But again...

    . . . . .
    05-15-2015 03:03 AM
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    Well, you've had a run of luck, haven't you...

    I didn't get those same issues when I tried the latest Windows 10 preview build. you might want to try a hard reset and see if that cures your problems. Personally, I played with the new build for a couple of hours and then went back to WP8.1 again.

    And yes, PowerAmp is nice, I use it on my Walkman.,
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    05-15-2015 03:23 AM

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