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    Alright, folks! Title says it all!

    "Rules" are simple:
    1. For consistency, Microsoft's Network Speed Test* app is the preferred testing tool.

    2. Reply with the resulting Download Speed, Upload Speed, Max Jitter, Delay and Packet Loss. Indicate if you used Wi-Fi or Cellular data; you may post results for both.

    3. Location may or may not be mentioned, but "home", "school", "work" and similar non-specific locations would do. To avoid possible discrimination, the mentioning of countries or cities is discouraged.

    4. Optional: Add some comments/feedback about your current connection.

    *- Using Microsoft's Network Speed Test app would help them improve their existing services, such as their public Wi-Fi access point database, and plan for new services.

    So, to start things up:

    Connection type: Wi-Fi
    Download: 6.20 Mbps
    Upload: 0.54 Mbps
    Max Jitter: 15 ms
    Delay: 596 ms
    Packet Loss: 1.600 %
    Location: Home

    Connection type: Cell
    Download: 8.90 Mbps
    Upload: 0.77 Mbps
    Max Jitter: 21 ms
    Delay: 612 ms
    Packet Loss: 0.800%
    Location: Home

    It's interesting to note how the packet loss is higher in my Wi-Fi connection than with my 3G/4G connection. Download speeds are higher than our local average but at the expense of having very low upload speeds. 3G/4G speeds vary greatly depending on which part of the city I'm in.
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    05-17-2015 04:55 PM

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