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    What's one thing a lot of moviegoers anticipate in a movie (aside from the climax, the plot twist and the R-15, R-18, R-X and R-XXX scenes)?


    That's right! And if you're reading this page (thread or whatever), you're most probably one of those who stay 'til the end of the credits waiting for everyone else to leave hoping that towards the end of the reel you'd get to see some bloopers (availability and applicability varies according to the theme of the movie, of course).

    Bloopers - I mean, who doesn't enjoy them? And the great news is that they're everywhere and can happen when you least expected (most probably an accident without fatalities). We won't go to AFV or the Top 20 Most [something] Videos here - this is, after all, a Windows forum but I'm pretty sure we've got a couple or so of bloopers in the span of our coveted Windows Experience.

    Accidentally formatted some storage device? Trying to take a "sneaky" photo but left the flash to fire? Trying to record a video while walking, missing the banana peel before you? Connected your phone to a charger which wasn't plugged? Whatever it may be, if it's funny, it's funny, even if it's not.

    Here's something from my side:
    "The Lunar eclipse icon"
    Day 1 of owning a Windows Phone 8.1. I've managed to set everything up normally and all was well after the update. Coincidentally, there was a lunar eclipse that night and when I looked at my phone I was amazed to see a crescent moon at the top left of my screen. I went on discussing the new updated feature to those with me at home saying something like, "Oh, so this update now brings graphics to notifications... it even shows me that there's a lunar eclipse going on. I'd like to see than on eye-oh-ess" while emphasizing the crescent moon icon.

    Of course, 24 hours later, the lunar eclipse was over but the crescent moon icon returned. Then I thought, "Oh, it's probably a bug in the new update. It should be gone in another 24 hours".

    Whew, was I that slow? Another 24 hours passed, the icon returned and I was puzzled. Can't remember when or how I figured it to be the icon for "Quiet Hours".
    How about your version? I'm sure you've got at least one to share.

    At the end of the day, what we need is a good laugh.
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    06-01-2015 04:42 PM

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