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    I'm not even speaking on Windows/Windows for phones .... just smartphones in general

    There are so many plain, generic, over used, repetitive matching, puzzle, endless runners, etc. games filling up app stores...

    Where are the good 3d games?

    High end smartphones are getting more and more powerful each year yet I only see very few good 3d games, like the mortal Kombat X for phones just released, or the mobile Spiderman and batman games by Gameloft...

    I understand there are limits and don't expect Xbox One level graphics and stuff but I would expect that in 2015 our app stores would at least have loads of games with the quality of n64 or Gamecube quality games.... ya know 3d graphics, open world exploration.

    There are a few out (mostly by gameloft) but there could be so much more.... if we could just get more nds/n64/gamecube quality games on our phones then handheld consoles can finally become extinct

    I'm not a hardcore gamer but I'm sick of all the clich, crappy, matching, puzzle, and runner games...

    I wonder what Nintendo has in store for phones later this year... :/

    I guess I just went on a rant?
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    06-12-2015 11:54 PM

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