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    With news of the long dreamt about Lumia 1030 swirling around in the world wide webs today it got me thinking about a scenario in the Windows Phone space. Market share is low. We know that. Exclusive flagship launches and more preferred with AT&T by Microsoft are the usual cases when the stage is brightest. However many loyal fans of the OS are left standing by cheering for the customers who'll get to enjoy those flagships while we are left to figure out how, when, and what we'll have to do(unlocking etc.) to get those devices on our network. And then there's the case of the "niche" device like the Lumia 1020 or Galaxy K Zoom.

    Today just about everyone and I mean everyone is focused on improving imaging for mobile photography. From budget flagships like the One Plus One to the highly capable LG G4 with its most comprehensive manual mode seen in a smartphone. The camera seems more and more less of a niche category and more of something expected with just about any phone today. So why don't they change the narrative in Windows Phone. Why don't we skip the (this is hypothetical as it's way too late in the real world to do this)typical flagship altogether and make one device the only device and available for all three major carriers. Why don't they make the Lumia 1030 the only device. The best device. 41 megapixels of sharp shooting, 4k recording device.

    The original Lumia 1020 was ahead of its time. Out powered by its 6" brother just months after and unable to officially support something as small as living images. Unable to get the speed benefits of the Denim update and Lumia Rich capture and other future enhancements to the Lumia Camera suite. If we had a bona-fide, future ready, quadHD (although I'm not on the bandwagon of the hype of those displays on our phones), 5.3"(the sweet spot maybe)screen, Lumia 1030 that was able to take pictures as fast as the iPhone 6S how much of a niche device would that be? If Microsoft made that the standard at least for one time what would be the negative against a phone that powerful? I think it would only blow sales out of the water because if AT&T. Verizon, and T-Mobile all were offering this beast of a phone at the same time who wouldn't want that? Only diehard IPhone and Galaxy series lifers would probably but even they would have less of a reason to. You would almost have to talk yourself out of getting a phone with near DSLR picture quality and specs filled to the brim with goodness and readily available on the carrier of your choice.

    What do you guys think? Would a Lumia 1030 only launch help or hurt Windows 10 Mobile? Can a "niche" device serve as a sole flagship?

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