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    I am sorry but that is utterly ridiculous post....for several reasons. I am going to speak as an average joe(since I sell customers various products) instead of someone who is semi-familiar with the various Mobile OS.

    1. How can you just tell someone they didn't want to use their G3.....I'm on the iPhone now so i can understand how it probably was a foreign experience to them on android. Goodness knows, i had the chance to get a free Gs6, S6 edge, Note 4(i think) and the G4....even free I would never want to use android. It's a crap operating system.

    2. First of all, the billions of android users(and the millions on IOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone) have no clue about forums like these.

    So that excuse is pretty much weak.

    3. You do need 3-4 gigs(or at least 2 GB ram) and an adequate processor. Thank God, I moved on from selling android phones but even when I had to help a friend get their new android phone...I notice that on similar hardware to our windows phones, many of these android phones are poor in comparison. Sure there are some resuming here and there but even basic things like going to the homescreen, I notice a stutter in performance or browsing.

    My friend has a Galaxy S4 and he was complaining about ti to me yesterday. I looked up the specs and notice it has better specs than my 640 XL presently does...but his performance on his phone was awful. Major lag using various apps that I use on windows phone.

    I have friends as well as customers who left Android for WP or IOS or even BB and have mentioned that even their flagship devices over time seem to get crappy...and this after a few months or so.

    4. Android Launchers are aplenty it seems like but decent ones are rare.....

    5. You're making excuses.

    I have to go through the trouble of freezing.disabling apps...I can actually uninstall most of those crap apps off a Windows Phone(freezing or disabled...they still take up space) and apple doesn't really play that BS with carriers and there are NO bloatware apps.

    Considering it's parent(Google) basically makes money off selling data and ads and all that stuff, an android phones feels like a walking advertisement. I looked at my mom's phone and she had all this bloatware on it...apps she doesn't and never will use. Some phones come with various social networks installed and you don't ever have an account.

    Why do I need to go through the trouble of optimizing my phone right out the box to get a solid experience? It's one thing to do it over time. But I shouldn't need to immediately tweak things.

    Furthermore, it's ridiculous I have to make sure I have to choose this OEM but not that OEM because this OEM does something better or they are less bad than that OEM.

    Choice is great but when it comes to android sometimes having TOO MUCH choice...too many options is a bad thing. Why do you think IOS is such a popular OS. People always criticized closed platforms/walled gardens but they have their place.

    I should be able to have a great experience from the start without having to do work as soon as I turn it on. And it sounds like this user had similar thoughts. I empathize with them truly...lords know I am struggling with IOS and desperately ready to get back.

    But your rationale really makes no sense but considering you do use android, I am not surprised.

    Seems to me that you really didn't want to use your g3. There is a great forum on Android Central dedicated to it that could have been a great help to you, and mostly could have assisted you to make your experience many many many times better, had you utilized it.

    Well, where to really start without upsetting anyone here?

    First you really don't need 3 or 4 gigs of ram to have a good experience with a Android device. That is just not always the case, and will entirely depend on your usage of it.

    Secondly, finding the applications you need may require some sideloading to get them. Not all are available on just the play store.

    Third, not all launchers are the same as what you experienced.

    Yes, you should optomize your Android device. Between the Oem and carrier bloat most come with it is indeed something that is needed, however you can get some without all of it as well. This is the nature of the beast, and the biggest part of the problem for many people like yourself. Disabling or freezing factory apps can turn a lagging stuttering phone into a excellent device. Yes...I know many people prefer having everything ready to go and never take control of their devices, but Android isn't WP nor IOS. To be upset about your recent Android experience because you didn't do some basic housekeeping, shows me that it isn't the best choice for what you need in a OS.

    Most launchers aren't going to install additional apps, and some have upgrades that you have to pay for to unlock all the features or be add free. My favorite is Nova Prime, and and it's companion SMS app Tesla Unread . It's basically the Swiss army knife of Android launchers and has thousands of different icon and themes for it, many free, but just as many costing a few dollars,and can be set up to take care of many issues with the stock launchers.

    I am truly sorry that you didn't have a great experience, but you have to make a effort to get a great experience, and rooting and custom roms aren't the only way to make sure that it happens....

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    07-27-2015 06:03 PM
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    I have a stock Android tablet and it works great.. Apps are much better functionality wise on Android including Facebook, Windows Central, some Indian bank and online shopping portals and local news apps.. None of the local government apps plus many games and apps aren't even available on Windows...

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    07-28-2015 01:29 AM
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    BTW I use Nokia Z launcher, very simple and neat and SwiftKey keyboard, which is also good.. Beside I can hide or lock almost anything (I guess we all have those friends and family members) which I don't think I can on Windows..

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    07-28-2015 01:40 AM
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