1. Ed YANG's Avatar
    Hmmm... let's refresh your memory... From MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 1 to the current last, GHOST PROTOCOL can you recall what were the phones that were used as the perfect tech gear in the films to perfect the SPY/ESPIONAGE theme?

    Let me see... in
    MI1, the baddies use BlackBerries, while Ethan Hunt uses SONY?
    MI2, i couldn't recall any smartphones used...
    MI3, the NOKIA Symbian flip phone?
    MI4, APPLEs, IPhones, APPLEs, IPhones... what else?
    MI5, this time round, no matter from the good side, or the villians, Windows Phones. And... i wonder is it a coincidence. Microsoft today releases the Win10 OS, i wonder is it the OS i seen on screen with the Windows Phones?

    Ohh... yeah... almost forgotten about it... Nokia is back in the picture!
    07-29-2015 01:50 PM
  2. DMCarver's Avatar
    I saw Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation last night and I noticed two things.
    Ethan Hunt used a Nokia Windows phone as a video feed when the bad guys bashed into a room they thought he was in. There were a couple of other scenes where the Nokia phone was prominent as well.

    Secondly - I noticed in one scene the CIA Director was using a touch screen to slide around some facial sketches of the bad guys and I quickly looked to see why type of tablet it was....and guess what!? He was using a Surface! The next scene was still him using the table from a different angle and it was clearly a Microsoft Surface. I thought that was cool to see.
    08-19-2015 02:28 PM

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