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    I can see a place for health and fitness competitions, but no discussion area for what could end up being a very large area for MS in the future and that is Microsoft's Health Vault, even if they actually let us use it for free.

    But does any one actually use it? If so how are you using it and is it worth while? How much is this costing MS and do they see a return on it? It seemed to slip into the world about the time the band was born, and the band seems to have been popular but no one seems to mention the cloud based software that surely the band relies on, seems to be hidden from view.

    I haven't actually used it yet, I have downloaded the Health app on the phone, and installed Health Vault on my desktop, me and the missus are both creeping up on 60, both needing to lose some pounds and get a bit fitter, so I am considering buying a pair of Fitbit HR Charges and a Fitbit Aria scale (May see how the Band 2 goes in the future) and pairing this lot up with MS Health Vault. May well take the plunge and order from Amazon this afternoon.

    Any plans for a MS Health section as it isn't by any stretch just for band users and could end up being important (Or a wash out but I doubt it).
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    08-22-2015 12:35 PM
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    Seriously does NO ONE on here use Microsoft Health Vault?

    Given this service and software works with the MS band, Fitbit products, loads of other fitness and health devices, along with health professionals and doctors, and Microsoft has given over a fair amount of resources to make this a free service for a few years now.

    There must be one or two users on here who use it.
    08-26-2015 11:01 AM

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