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    And, you CLICKED!

    Many of you may have already heard. Headlines are everywhere. The Stock Market is in turmoil today with world-wide panic in trading and stock market corrections hitting especially hard in the technology sector.

    From NewsMax.com:
    The Nasdaq 100 Index plunged as much as 9.8 percent at the open as Apple Inc. tumbled as much as 13 percent while Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. sank more than 7 percent.
    Standard & Poor's Index nearly hit such a low that it would have automatically shut down trading in order to restore order. Nearly. And all this just in the first 30 minutes following the opening bell.

    This global stock market rout is rolling out red everywhere in its wake. Investors are tired of billions being invested in start-ups that show a lot of growth but never any profit. (See, SnapChat, Uber, etc.) Source

    With more focus on viability and profitability, companies like Uber and SnapChat are going to have a rough road ahead, as they have yet to do more than have hundreds of millions of losses to write off.
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    08-24-2015 03:55 PM

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