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    Hello guys,

    I need help making a job decision; and sometimes seeing the different perspectives of other people helps.

    I just graduated from high school this summer and I am ready to start my first job. I have been applying for a couple of companies and I finally got a call from a company to set up and interview (Job B), when this happened I received a call from another company (Job A), in which I would really like to work, benefits and other conveniences.

    When Job A interview was done I was told I would receive a call to let me know whether or not they would consider me for a second interview. I did not receive a call, so I called and the manager was not available, so I passed in person two days later and spoke with the manager in person, she told me that she has just gotten back because she was ill and she still needed to review the notes from the interviewer (first interview), she told me she would call me Monday and invited me to call her if she did not call me, it was Thursday. I called Monday and we setup and interview for Wednesday. I went Wednesday and everything went super smooth, she even told me she wanted to give me a chance but I wanted to know if my English would be a problem? I want you to be honest because when I am training you I want to know if you will understand everything, and if you dont understand something, just let me know and I would explain so you understand. It sounded like she was interested in me and she said she needed to run a background check and it would take a week but that she was going to call me, not Wednesday but Friday because she did not work Wednesday nor Thursday. And that if she did not call me to call her. She explained to me that she is very busy and she sometimes forget.

    The following week, I received a call from Job B asking me if I could pass by Thursday, day before the Job A call. I went Thursday to job B and the manager asked when I could start (she already knew I was interested in Job A, since we spoked about it) I told her that I was expecting a call the following day, Friday, from Job A and that they might be extending me an offer, that I would let her know Monday, which is tomorrow. She told me that she understood and that she would also recommend me to accept Job As offer as I would be a better fit there.

    Friday, comes and go. I called Saturday, since the manager from job A invited me to call her if she did not call me. She was super busy; they were in a rush. She said that that background check cleared that she would need a few more days to set some things up, and that she would call me. I have the impression there is a grand probability of being offered the position, since she still has not told me No and she expressed she wanted to give me a chance but she still needs a few days to set things up, and other things she mentioned during the interview and body language and signs.

    I need to get back a Job B tomorrow and let her know. The manager at Job B is very straight-forward and she wants people that are very straight-forward but she also understands that Job A is better for me and even recommended it. I spoke with my aunt, she worked for 14 years at a local company as many roles and was in charge of hiring new employees, I consider her vastly knowledgeable. She told me to tell the manager from Job B that I am expecting another call from Job A this week to let me know of the offer, and I could start the next Monday if I was not extended and offer from Job A.

    What should I do? Job A is truly convenient and benefits are significantly superior, even though Job B pays a bit higher but not everything is about pay, also the first two weeks at Job B are a paid trial period (though I am hired, I could be fired) and I dont want to say no to Job A and then lose both opportunities.

    I want to see other peoples perspectives regarding this matter. It would also help to mention that my mother is co-worker with the manager from Job B and I would not like to burn bridges, I might need to cross them again someday.

    I am thinking of telling the manager from Job B that I need to review the paper work and consider it with my parents, and that I would let her know by the next Monday. And if I do receive an offer from Job A, tell her that I received a better offer from Job A, that I really appreciate the extended offer but that I will be going another route.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this and for helping me, if you do. ;D

    P.S: I need to call Job B tomorrow.
    10-25-2015 12:22 PM

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