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    Got a set of these great wireless/Bluetooth headphones today for Christmas and I have to say...they work great with the latest build of Windows 10 Mobile!!! They are marketed to go with iPhones but are fully compatible with W10M. Full featured with built in microphone, volume control, track skip/pause/play, call answering/rejecting and easy Cortana activation without ever having to pull your phone off your holster or out of your pocket (quick double tap of the power button). 10 meters range. Can also use a 3.5mm headphone cable if Bluetooth is not desired. You can also pair two of these same headsets together before connecting to your phones Bluetooth so you can both listen to the same tunes.
    I recommend picking these up on Amazon. They are very affordable for what they offer.

    Btw...I was not paid for this review and have not benefitted in any way by writing it.
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    12-26-2015 01:47 AM

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