04-05-2016 11:56 AM
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  1. Megatronus66's Avatar
    Old pc games ported exclusively for windows 10 mobile and Microsoft's TV commercial with gameplay of EA's NFS most wanted (2005) on the 950xl!

    Edit:- Sorry I didn't read this article's summary and thought that its some sort of wish list.
    02-16-2016 12:48 PM
  2. Indistinguishable's Avatar
    I think that makes it more obvious now. It has to be very app related. Only big things in the past have been hardware, OS or apps. Remember Nokia and their app announcements? It's gotta be apps! Or a super new feature/service by MSFT that will see light of the day may be in next 12 months.
    But then there's this.

    02-16-2016 12:52 PM
  3. Joe920's Avatar
    But then there's this.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well if it's Google Maps, Google Now, and Chrome, that would be pretty major.
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    02-16-2016 01:04 PM
  4. lbp775's Avatar
    Sounds like you forgot to mention the integrated printer, coffee maker, microwave and dishwasher.

    Sent from mTalk
    Then we would finally put Cortana to work!
    02-16-2016 01:17 PM
  5. lbp775's Avatar
    Aren't you people tired of this Surface Phone thing?

    No matter what it is (if MS one day decides to make it) its still going to be OS wise the same WP/WM as the cheapest one available now (+ continium. Which probably 4/5 people dont even need)
    Stop being so closed minded. I remember a lot of people saying the same thing about the Surface devices when they were first released. I can see the possibilities for Continuum beyond the desktop. Set up a dock in the bedroom or home theater and you've got yourself a media player. Or how about the car? This can easily replace a carputer. No need spend all that money and time building and installing in the vehicle. Yes, that goes in the niche category but something I've notice a while back is most things that interest me would be considered niche.
    02-16-2016 01:33 PM
  6. lbp775's Avatar
    Leakers quickly lose any credibility when they throw superlatives around like 'blow your mind' or 'sexy as hell' <-- remember that little gem used to describe the pre-leaked 950/950XL?

    Microsoft doesn't have a very good track record for blowing anyone's mind lately. It's a pretty low bar they have set for themselves.
    HoloLens was pretty cool.
    02-16-2016 01:36 PM
  7. cruisezero's Avatar
    This is just me speculating like everyone else.
    Some possible things I can think of:
    1. Annoucement about multiple OEMs creating highend phone hardware (HTC, Samsung, etc)
    2. Xbox streaming to phones and vice versa.
    3. Redstone update feature updates.
    4. Something to with Steam. (added)

    What would I like to see (wishlist):
    1. Better Skype integration like iMessage.
    2. Moar top tier UWA annoucement.
    3. Better Music and Video services (Groove improvement in terms of family plan availablity)
    4. Xbox One Lite (disc less)
    5. Hololens FOV expanded to cover the entire lens.
    6. Introduction to MS wallet payment system.
    7. MS Auto continuum feature for Automobiles (partner with Toyota/Honda/Ford etc).

    Edit: Just additional thoughts on new premium phone feature; a pico projector with support for continuum.
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    02-16-2016 01:45 PM
  8. Krystianpants's Avatar
    Hehe I love all these crazy complex lists you guys are making.

    You know MS buying Steam or bringing UWP steam to the platform would be the biggest thing. Gaming is where the money is. MS knows it. And having all these games easily converted to UWP would be phenomenal. It's a big win for developers especially if they implement features of the platform. A person is more likely to purchase a game if it will run across all their devices. It's really about MS figuring out how to make it easy to get it on mobile. Graphics aren't an issue if you ever run asphalt 8 on your phone, you know there's a lot possible. Obviously games automatically detect best settings as well. But yah that wouldn't just be mind blowing, it would make history hehe.
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    02-16-2016 01:52 PM
  9. DarthJay38's Avatar
    For me the kicker is that it's mind-blowing for the "Windows faithful". What's the one thing we have universally complained about for years? It's not the hardware, it's not the buggy new OS...it's the lack of apps. If Microsoft has FINALLY done something apart from ignoring the situation, then it WILL be mind blowing. If they are announcing a major player, like Google, playing nice with MS -- or actual adoption of porting iOS and Android apps to MS - that would be huge for us "Windows faithful" folk.
    02-16-2016 02:13 PM
  10. EspHack's Avatar
    "the end of the resuming screen"
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    02-16-2016 02:22 PM
  11. indospot's Avatar
    Ugh, all these people wishing for Chrome. That's the last thing I care about for Windows 10. Firefox would definitely be welcome though.

    Anyway, speculating is useless, and we have too little to go on. Let's just wait for more info. "Mind-blowing" could very well just be exaggerated for the sake of attention.
    02-16-2016 02:28 PM
  12. Asgardi's Avatar
    MS open sourcing Android Bridge would be smart. All legal issues solved, as it would be XDA-developers providing that capability, not MS ;)
    02-16-2016 02:47 PM
  13. John Christopoulos's Avatar
    Tell me its Lumia 1050 & I'm ready to stand outside the MS Store.
    1050? Why not 1030?
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    02-16-2016 03:21 PM
  14. rav4kar's Avatar
    I am thinking of these possible things
    1. Intel announcing SoC for Windows 10 Mobile (MS and Intel partnership imminent)
    2. Windows 10 Mobile going Open Source
    3. Availability of highly anticipated but not necessarily useful apps coming to W10 Mobile platform.
    4. LG and Samsung announce Windows 10 Mobile phones on 22nd Feb in MWC.
    5. MS abandons ARM and supports only Intel
    02-16-2016 03:29 PM
  15. John Christopoulos's Avatar
    Hooray more yellow photos
    Have you ever heard of White Balance? Yellowish tint has been extinct since Black update...
    02-16-2016 03:34 PM
  16. John Christopoulos's Avatar
    Respectfully and very strongly disagree! Faster definitely but in NO WAY does either the 950 or XL take better photos.

    One of the top reasons i owned a Lumia was for camera supremacy... MS has killed that by removing and crippling Lumia camera for the lame MS camera.
    And what is more, this is a HUGE reason to NOT upgrade to Windows 10 mobile, until they fix this and bring back
    Raw support
    02-16-2016 03:39 PM
  17. ntice_521's Avatar
    Skype for Windows Phone (that works decently) would blow my mind. :-)
    02-16-2016 03:39 PM
  18. GrandGerminator's Avatar
    Personnaly, I think it's the YOUTUBE app
    02-16-2016 03:44 PM
  19. NFLPLAYBOOK's Avatar
    Microsoft is purchasing BlackBerry. One of only a handful of companies that could. They are going all in on security and business.
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    02-16-2016 03:44 PM
  20. Jakoh's Avatar
    Tell me its Lumia 1050 & I'm ready to stand outside the MS Store.
    You and like atleast 3 others.
    02-16-2016 04:14 PM
  21. Jakoh's Avatar
    "the end of the resuming screen"
    You mean like make everything instant, have it loaded to the infinite memory with the fastest Xeon quadcore with Hyperthreading processor.
    02-16-2016 04:17 PM
  22. DJCBS's Avatar
    Maybe it's worth remembering that something can be "mind blowing-ly bad".
    02-16-2016 04:58 PM
  23. fatclue_98's Avatar
    Didn't I blow your mind this time, didn't I? The Delfonics.
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    02-16-2016 05:03 PM
  24. William Stovall's Avatar
    I am not going to get my hopes up. Remember the whole "never done before" thing Mr. Aul said, and it was just pc and mobile builds same day?
    02-16-2016 05:13 PM
  25. ScubaDog's Avatar
    Mark my words: there will be NOTHING "mind-blowing" coming. In fact, it will likely be anti-climactic.
    02-16-2016 05:15 PM
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