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    Please someone try and helppppp
    So I have a toshiba year old flat screen tv
    One day I wanted to hook up headphones - but no jack
    Come to realize no audio outputs ports at all - I know I should of looked b4 I bought it but I didn't buy it was a gift
    Anything possible I could do to to try and use headphones or wireless headphones - no cable box -
    Basically use it for Xbox and PlayStation - Netflix
    The tv does have a USB port - 2 hdmi
    I thought maybe a put a Bluetooth dongle USB port then use wireless headphones but I read somewhere since Tv has no audio parts that can't work - I'm not real tv savvy obviously
    Any suggestions besides saying getting a new TV will be so appreciated - thank you :)
    02-28-2016 08:29 AM
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    First of all we don't really deal with TV problems but since you said that the tv does have two usb ports, this could help:

    USB to Headphone Jack | eBay

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    02-28-2016 10:02 PM

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