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    Given all the random acquisitions that Microsoft has made in the last couple of years as well as the experimental things they like to try, I would love to see Microsoft become a MVNO.

    I'd argue why not try and buy T-mobile or US Cellular for that matter but that might be too crazy :P

    But seriously, them running their own company for Mobile. Many MVNOs support Att and T-mobile networks.

    Just because Att and T-mobile may not carry a model, that doesn't necessarily mean they cant sell the model while utilizing the networks under their own brand.

    This is also a good money making way. You can also allow BYOP for those who use IOS/Lagdroid phones as well.

    This is ALSO a good way to get more exposure for Microsoft's OEM partners quite possibly, especially more obscure ones that don't necessarily have a name here.

    Given that the US is now moving away from 2 year contracts, a lease program (Similar to the Apple one)+ Microsoft actually having their own Mobile division really could 'revitalize' the market both for Windows devices and overall in the mobile industry.

    04-09-2016 05:51 AM
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    I'm going to play devil's advocate. Not that I'm actually "for" or "against" the idea, but every idea needs a counterpoint in order to be fully thought out.

    What would be the downside to Microsoft becoming an MVNO?

    It could be that the major carriers could get upset with Microsoft for becoming a competitor, so to speak. In doing so, they may decide to discontinue all Windows based products, in which case, as a newcomer to the MVNO business, Microsoft's phones would have even less exposure than ever before. Would that happen? How should I know. I haven't visited any alternate reality futures recently. You might ask The Doctor (Who) to jump in his Tardis and find you a definitive answer on that one.

    Also, it could be that Microsoft would make a huge investment and fail. They are PC experts, not phone company experts. With an investment the size it would take to compete in the market, it could put Microsoft in a very precarious position should they fail.

    While it "sounds great" to have a company produce the phone you want AND provide the service for it, eventually either the device or the service will suffer. If other companies, especially other MVNOs, refused to sell the MS phones (why sell something that makes money for a direct competitor), then why would other EOMs make Windows phones in the future? They can't get their phones to market except through Microsoft?

    Okay, end of counterpoint. Now I'll insert my opinion on something.

    I think Microsoft has a solid plan. The only problem with it is also what is right with it. It's a long term plan. The problem with a long term plan is that the fans want something NOW. The reason a long term plan is the right one is that means Microsoft is in it for the long run and will be able to be a major competitor within a few years, and remain that way for the long term.

    There are several problems with plans to make you get on top of the market quickly. #1, those plans seldom work. #2, when they do work, it's usually a temporary solution or a stop-gap measure and never endure for any reasonable period of time. #3, Remember the adage, haste makes waste. Usually when you're in a hurry you miss steps that should have been taken and it brings failure.
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    04-20-2016 07:57 AM

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