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    Can someone please clear up some confusion I have with Microsoft's marketing and naming schemes?

    Are bots a product of the Cortana Intelligence Suite (Cortana Bot Framework)? Or are they a Microsoft product (Microsoft Bot Framework) that works in tandem with Cortana's bot features, like the example showed at BUILD? Is the Skype Bot Platform (or SDK, whatever they're calling it) the same thing, but just keeps the focus on Skype? If you build a Skype bot, is it made as a Microsoft (or Cortana) bot that you can connect to Skype and other platforms?

    Bots are being marketed on the Skype, Microsoft, and Cortana developer websites, but they all have their own names or portals. Forgive me for being confused but I feel like it's all a mess that I have yet to fully understand.
    07-29-2016 04:32 AM

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