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    Hi, howdy everyone!. i have been away for a wile, been on a quick visit to kolkata. The sole reason for this trip was to exchange my formal shoes . I bought a pair of hush puppies for 80$ , it is a beautiful shoe, comfortable and stylish. But on the first day with the shoes the sole started to wear off quite weirdly, i went back to the vendor and they acknowledged it to be a manufacturing defect and they didn't had a fresh pair as this shoe was a new come in and they weren't holding a big stock of those. so i reached out to the customer care and we decided that the product will be exchanged on my next visit before 10 October. So i made the reservations and took off for 3 days. The shoes were exchanged positively ( no hassles). now surprisingly i can again see the similar pattern of sole tearing away, i am looking forward for another exchange maybe. take a look :D




    you could see the damage on the heel, i took extra precaution and made sure my heel wouldn't drag on the ground but still the heel started peeling off , this is the new exchanged one , i had similar tear with the old ones too.

    Well , i tried to keep up with the happenings here, found out about the new AU update CU (.222) installed it the first thing i did after arriving back to jhansi. Didnt face any issue, installed smoothly, as it was reported that some users couldn't install the update.
    1 thing i did notice today on my 730 that cortana now shows science facts to welcome the science week this November .
    i wasn't aware of this cmd " can you give e a science fact? here is a screenshot:>



    It would be very kind if all of you leave a comment on what i have missed or something i should know. good day ;)
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    10-03-2016 09:42 AM

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