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    Hi! Never quite sure where to post these things. I guess this is as good as any. I want to do a little bragging on my Malwarebytes Pro. Lately I have been getting a alert after MBAM scanned my PC, on a schedule time. MBAM was showing PUP's that it found. We all hate these PUP's I just quarantined them after seeing what they were. They were all about a program called Slim Drivers that I had installed a long time ago. Today MBAM found 26 PUP's again. This time MBAM not only removed the PUP's but also uninstalled Slim Drivers. Now that may not impress you, but it really impressed me. Will wait and see if MBAM finds more PUP's, but I'm betting no more PUP's. Here's a little program that will help you a little with those dang PUP's. Here's link from HTG. Give it a look! It will help!
    You recommend a program to a family member, and they proceed to install it along with five other junkware programs that sneak their way on to their computer in the installation process. Sound familiar? Unchecky prevents these unnecessary programs from installing themselves by unchecking the appropriate boxes.
    How to Avoid Junkware Offers with Unchecky
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    10-21-2016 12:57 PM
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    its like installing another junkware to remove one xD

    MBAM is more known for its anti malware services , any app that hasn't run on your system for a while or has unsigned vendor will be detected as a PUP . This is hugely unreliable as MBAM could include a important app in this and can leave you in a curry. Paying a little attention to what you are installing anyone can make sure no other adware comes through and a few could dodge you as well i have been a victim myself so cant deny that. ;)
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    10-22-2016 06:27 AM

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