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    “A system can only produce a system”, said Steve Jobs. He wanted to create a “new world” that will be different from the one he was living in. Today, he is regarded as an epitome of success. But, was he successful in dismantling the system and creating a new and better system?

    If you look at Apple today, you will realise that it is no different from the IBM of 90s. It is a big organisation, it wants to control everything and it is very selective when it comes to hiring talent. Things like these makes me wonder if Steve helped to strengthen the system instead, a system that he hated so much.

    There are numerous examples in our history where people have changed the system. Mahatma Gandhi did something that no one ever did since the origin of humans on earth. He fought a war through non-violence. Alan Turing surprised everyone with his mechanical computer. Einstein stunned the world with his theory of relativity. These were the people who transformed the system with their revolutionary ideas. Unfortunately, Steve Jobs does not belong to this list. Steve, you could have done a better job!
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    03-20-2017 10:55 AM

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