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    So this is going to be a long read.

    I am a member of this forum since the last 8 years. And that was for a reason that isn't true anymore. My love for Windows Phones. All these years while giving Microsoft the benefit and a part of my profit, I now realize I've made a huge mistake. I've ignored a legend, a genius, right under my nose.

    Mr Steve Jobs. Legend? Genuis? What am i talking about?

    While Microsoft's approach to mobile was unique, so was Apple's. And while Microsoft doesn't care for it's consumers, Apple loves them. Sure they charge a bomb for every device they make. But here's the thing. They deserve every single penny for it. Why? Because...Innovation.

    They haven't just innovated products, but product categories. The iPad Mini, the iPhone, the legendary iPod.

    But all this is still fine. What really made me decide on my next device is something else althogether. It's Mr Job's passion for products, his love for talking about them and his entire perspective on design. Being far away from abandoning their consumers on a remote island, he took them on a journey they would never forget.

    While Microsoft did try hard, their real failure was when they gave up on the platform. And a surface phone? Really? There isn't any single shred of evidence it exists beyond a design. So let's not go there.

    I know i will be criticized for this post and I'm ok with it. But let's just keep it civil.

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    02-02-2018 01:24 AM

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