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    WITH HUNDREDS OF RE-search projects Lubrizol Corp. needed a constant means to prioritize its mixture of projects. The Wickliffe, Ohio, firm met that challenge by employing decision-support applications tools to guide portfolio and project evaluation, and to supply a way to capture and communicate changes in light of new info.

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    "One of the keys to a successful R&D program would be to Cut the dogs out fund the winners more thoroughly," says Steve DiBiase, vice president, R&D, of the nearly $2 billion provider of specialty compounds for fuels and lubricants, as well as systems for the transportation industry. "Information technology enables our visitors to think more clearly, more deeply, and more rapidly so we are able to evaluate the information we have to make these decisions more intelligently."

    The research portfolio has been divided into three classes: Offensive/growth, defensive/protecting new capability/competency development, and existing company. To assess the possible value of individual projects and their fit in the overall portfolio, Lubrizol developed separate business models for each class, with criteria and weightings based on their strategic objectives. AliahThink decision support software in Aliah Inc Pittsburgh, has been selected to support growth of the versions.


    "AliahThink is a'group think' tool that allows us to Extract the knowledge and experience from people's minds and assemble that in a type where we could make decisions," says DiBiase,

    The software takes a view of decision making. By Constantly prompting comparisons of one standard against another, the tool makes it possible for a business model to be constructed that contains both qualitative and qualitative inputs, ranked and weighted.

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    "The tool allows hard inputs like financials to be Combined with milder inputs like fit with business strategy, competitive intensity, competencies, and capacity to take advantage of distribution channels," states Walter Copan, director, research management, in Lubrizol. "We've adapted the tools for our own business process and civilization, as well as the priorities of our company decisions."

    The software"makes decision making much more Consistent, with particular definition of inputs and traceability of decisions and results," says Copan.

    Also permits for reranking of jobs and Business opportunities as the overall attractiveness of a business situation changes or as new candidates are proposed for your own portfolio. An R&D portfolio combination of offensive, defensive, and competency projects may be continuously balanced in a shifting market. 'The intention is to get a tool for operational and company managers to give them the best chance of optimizing where we place our money and our people," continues Copan.

    Commercialization of ideas spawned in research and Modification of products for personal customers is powered by a stage/gate system called the product approval process. This process is supported by a workflow program tool, Action Works Metro from Action Technologies Alameda, Calif.. The tool manages all workflow of the stage/gate system across Lubrizol labs in the U.S., the UK, and Japan, as well as other service/testing providers worldwide. As jobs move through their phases, the AliahThink-based business models may be implemented at gate reviews to evaluate attractiveness of the jobs compared with others at the portfolio or awaiting approval. For management purposes, the workflow tool creates reports concerning timing, strategic group, net present value, project phase, and other criteria, across the portfolio of projects.

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    Lubrizol expects that learning is going to be One significant benefit of getting recorded so much information with the business-model and stage-gate-workflow tools.

    The company plans"to enhance how we make decisions By grabbing the inputs and outputs of each of the project choices, and to If there are trajectories that effective projects go through, Ascertain Based on our evaluation of criteria throughout the project life cycle," says Copan.
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