1. Xerxes10's Avatar
    I am new to Wimdows Phone so perhaps this is a stupid question....Is there a need for the Sky Drive from Marketplace given that the Office App/Tile that came with the Lumia includes Sky Drive and you can access it from there? Thanks in advance-
    04-22-2012 04:46 PM
  2. Hector1van's Avatar
    Not really. The app just gives you a more complete presentation of your contents. Includes pictures folders, twitter uploads, and any other folders you might have created.

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    04-22-2012 05:15 PM
  3. Xerxes10's Avatar
    Thanks for the info, I'll try it just to check it out.
    04-22-2012 06:26 PM
  4. textomatic's Avatar
    I think I read the Skydrive app lets you delete multiple files, great for cleaning out that pictures folder. I also read you can use the skydrive app to add people to folders you want to share. So yeah, I think it's good to have on your phone.
    04-22-2012 07:06 PM