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    I have a query regarding accessing Skydrive folders programmatically through the Live SDK on Windows Phone.
    So the scenario I have at hand is that a Windows phone app that I have built creates folders(and files) on your Skydrive. Now I want the following functionality which I havenít been able to do so till now:
    1. Is it possible that I can programmatically share my folder and files with View(and/or edit) permissions to my friends(as I know their user ID).
    2. If I am able to share such a folder can I access the content after logging in(with my live ID) from my phone. By accessing I mean download or stream content.
    3. If in step 1, a person to whom the file is shared is provided edit permissions how can I programmatically edit such a file.(The current problem I am facing in this step is that to update a shared folder the live sdk requests a wl.contacts_skydrive_update scope, but while logging in I am notified that no such scope exists).

    Would grateful if anyone could help.


    This is the Error message I get when I try to get a shared_edit_link(as mentioned in step 3):
    "request_token_unauthorized: Microsoft.Live.LiveConnectException: The provided access token does not have access to this resource. An access token with one of the following scopes is required: 'wl.contacts_skydrive_update'."
    Although the user does have edit permissions. Note: Such a scope doesn't exist.
    06-21-2012 01:33 AM