1. vipcorey's Avatar
    i honestly do not know how to get music to my skydrive account. im sure its very simple but i cant figure it out for the life of me. i want to have some music to listen to next week before a cross country meet.(and i dont want to have to pay for it on zune). so im just downloading songs from youtube and i need to know how to put those on my skydrive.
    09-08-2012 09:57 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    09-08-2012 10:51 PM
  3. FinsUpDNC's Avatar
    Hey I would love to know to break into Best Buy as I have a long trip and don't want to pay for a new cool phone to play with...

    How do posts like this even get responses? There are so many ways to get music via subscription or ad supported streaming services that are free that I think the idea of this is just stupid.
    09-27-2012 07:43 AM
  4. countersteer's Avatar
    I have no desire whatsoever to pay for a streaming service or even download one that's free. What's stupid is NOT providing, inherent in the software, the ability for people to listen to their own music. Period.
    11-15-2013 05:38 PM