1. mpovolo's Avatar
    Currently from my TV I can access files on my windows machine. Wondering if I can set it up to access the skydrive folders too
    03-13-2013 08:32 PM
  2. Narse77's Avatar
    I don't have a TV that does DLNA but if it can see drives from your PC you can try to map your skydrive.

    How to Use SkyDrive’s 25 GB as a Mapped Drive for Easy Access
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    03-13-2013 08:46 PM
  3. Paarthurnax's Avatar
    Doesn't windows keep a full copy of your Skydrive files on your hard drive? They're absolutely there like all the other files, too
    03-30-2013 05:14 PM
  4. jhguth's Avatar
    That how-to is pretty dated, you don't need to do all that. Just install skydrive and select that folder to sync and those files will be available and sync'd on your computer.

    you could also get a small low-power htpc and install skydrive if you want DLNA access to those files without having to turn on your computer. prices now for low-power htpc devices are pretty low.
    04-07-2013 01:12 PM

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