1. laurence6202's Avatar
    I am wondering how best to use Skydrive as a backup system.

    A number of files I use are Excel and Word files where one can save considerable space (and bandwith) by zipping them. At the moment I have two important Excel sheets that on closing them a zipped copy is saved to the Skydrive folder will will then be updated to the cloud (happens automatically using VBA). Now if one zips a whole folder and copies it to Skydrive, then anytime just one file in the folder changes, then the whole folder needs to be rezipped, copied to Skydrive folder and from there to the cloud.

    Back in the old days when I did backups to a CD I used a program like Backup2001 which used a system of Full, Incremental and Differential backups. Later I used an external hard drive with its own backup software. With a hard drive space becomes less of an issue - I just used the software that came with the unit. Until the external HD was stolen - I suspect the thieves thought the HD was a cellphone. Now I realise external HDs are not as secure as one would hope.

    Nowadays with the cloud storage and bandwidth becoming more accessible, it makes sense to have zipped "in the cloud" copies of important files, and when any of these files are changed added or deleted the cloud version is updated, without having to reload whole folders.

    Does anyone out there have ideas or links of how to make the process more efficient - ie: keep cloud storage and bandwidth to a minimum, but have a zipped cloud copy of ones important stuff.
    Regards Laurence
    Cell 0827663807
    11-13-2013 07:12 AM
  2. Chief_Adu's Avatar
    Well, Microsoft Office has a built in feature to upload to SkyDrive directly. You don't have to zip or unzip every time. I would suggest to check MS13 (if that answers your question?)
    11-13-2013 09:55 AM
  3. David Manet's Avatar
    Get 22GO (using Twitter) with this link :
    Hope you like it, this seems to be the best i have tried.
    11-14-2013 02:11 PM
  4. Aniket Mhatre's Avatar
    sorry but i am not getting any related thread to post my doubt. i wanted to know how i can backup any of my games specially paid games?
    12-05-2013 12:54 PM
  5. link68759's Avatar
    So in a nutshell, if I've understood, what you're trying to ask is- how do I update an archive without reuploading the whole archive?

    Can't be done. As someone mentioned, the new office supports directly editing the online documents.

    I'm not convinced you save enough space and bandwidth to justify compressing text- you're talking about reducing the size of very insignificantly sized files here.

    The best thing you could do is just not compress things you frequently access. Or only compress one file per archive.
    12-05-2013 06:49 PM

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