1. v2_panchal's Avatar
    I have recently purchased new lumia 525 but i have not received extra 20 GB storage on skydrive. I have heard on net that it will be given to any new lumia device purchased till 31st January.
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    01-27-2014 11:57 AM
  2. hopmedic's Avatar
    I haven't heard of this promo. The only one I've heard of was one for "enthusiasts" (who knows what that means), where many of us who were already using Windows Phones received a code to get 20MB for a year.
    01-27-2014 12:32 PM
  3. CyclingGuyNola's Avatar
    You can try here, though the 525 is not listed: http://www.nokia.com/ph-en/20gbfree/

    Do realize that if you take the 20GB it's only for a year after which you'll have to pay to keep it or move your files.
    01-27-2014 12:37 PM
  4. hopmedic's Avatar
    Ah - hadn't heard of that promo. Thanks!
    01-27-2014 12:40 PM

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