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    Since 2012, my company I work for has decided to go mobile for a lot of the reporting data that I have to go through. It used to be mostly in PDF and Excel and now we are using apps to cover pretty much everything outside of what is sent via email.

    We use Office 365 for work and I work for a very large restaurant chain. I like to keep my calendar and contacts on my personal email side. Because of these apps, and the HTML5 sites for these apps are clunking and I hate putting in a password each time I have to get into the app. I decided to try Android.

    This is what I found with Android with my LG G2.

    * Outlook.com HTML email doesn't always work well in the outlook.com app.
    * Outlook.com App doesn;'t let you edit contacts (they are view only) So if I want to add a contact via outlook.com app, I have to edit it from a PC.

    Using the built in accounts (for email, contacts and calendar), (EAS)
    * email and contacts work great
    * Calendar does not show my various calendars. For example: I have a family room calendar, bills calendar, birthday, and my calendar.

    So for the 6 months I had my LG G2, I tried various ways to get this to work.

    I basically used the Outlook.com App only for calendar and the built in email and contacts via EAS.

    I ended up using my WGU.EDU email (Google Apps) to manage my contacts.
    I then used my T-Mobile Jump! Plan to upgrade to an iPhone 5s. The tiny screen took me a few days to get used to but now I don't notice it.

    Believe it or not, Outlook.com services work flawlessly on the iPhone. The only thing I do not like is the people hub on outlook.com, It doesn't really import the contacts rather the contacts are still controlled by whatever service is providing them. For example: A contact may show up on outlook.com when writing an email from a PC, but it won't import that contact into Windows Phone, IPhone or Android if that contact came from another service like @gmail.com

    Another thing since I use my iPhone a lot more, since it is my primary phone, I am using my iMac much more as well with apple TV a lot more as well. Since I started using this. I wanted to either use outlook 2011 for the MAC or the built in Calendar and address book on OSX.

    Outlook IMAP can work on a MAC now but it doesn't let you use contacts or calendar. I am not sure of the reason why they have implemented this yet, but it doesn't work. The next part, I can only use POP3 access in Outlook 2011 for Outlook.com email. It also will not let me use Calendar or contacts like Outlook 2010 (with Hotmail connector) and Outlook 2013.

    I am trying not to use Google for anything anymore.... but the solution I found actually I found quite compelling. Icloud services from Apple.

    Apple makes a icloud syncing for the PC. It doesn't sync with the built in Windows App but it does sync with Outlook 2013, and then it works on Windows Phone (8.1) and MAC. I found that icloud is more cross platform than Outlook.com as it provides perfect syncing across both MAC osX, Windows Phone, and iOS.

    As I said before it doesn't sync with the built in Apps on windows but where it does differently than outlook.com is that it does sync with the Outlook 2013. Outlook.com does sync with Outlook 2013 for Windows but fails to work with Outlook 2011 for the MAC.

    I would love just to use outlook.com services for my person email, contacts and calendar. I really hope they do make it cross platform for it to work across all devices and applications.

    I do like that MS has added the ability to sync with icloud on Windows Phone and it works flawlessly :)

    I am also working with my employer about making the apps available on Windows Phone which would solve most of my issues :)

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    07-27-2014 05:59 PM
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    Most likely, your best option would be Office 365, instead of webmail/webapps. Yes, it would require a subscription. However, you could install it on your Surface Pro, your Mac, and on your iPhone or Android.
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    07-28-2014 12:14 AM
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    Try using Companionlink. I spent days trying to get my Outlook 2010 calendar and contacts to sync with my phone using the Microsoft Outlook Connector and Outlook.com with no success. Installed Companionlink and had it working seamlessly in a couple minutes. I don't understand why something something so fundamental and straightforward is so difficult to accomplish with Microsoft's solution...plus the documentation and help are a joke. Come on Microsoft, you'll making a huge mistake by ignoring your customers!b
    05-12-2015 11:57 AM
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    Another option that can sync Outlook with your LG G3, iPhone, Windows Surface and any other compatible devices is Akruto. HTH.
    05-13-2015 08:58 AM

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