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    Sometime ago, the installation of OneDrive app after a new update somehow got interrupted. Every time I click on the app, the following shows:

    "There's a problem with OneDrive. First, try to buy the app. If that doesn't work, you'll need to uninstall the app and then install it again."

    Now there's a new update and I thought by just updating it, my problem will be solved. However, when I click update, the download screen just shows empty. I can't uninstall this app as it built-in. I can't buy the app as it is available for free. So what can I do? The last resort seems to be factory reset my phone which I would like to avoid. OneDrive is a great app so I hope there is some solution here. Am a Windows 8.1 user btw. Thanks in advance
    03-19-2015 05:41 AM
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    There is a way to uninstall it. See below link.

    Good luck
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    03-19-2015 06:08 AM

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