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    I've recently uploaded most of my music to my OneDrive music folder... I was searching at the main root menu level (when you first open the app) for a song titled "Champagne Supernova" but only entered "champagne" and hit search and the app returned results several photos of champagne bottles that I've scanned for the Vivino app in addition to the song I was looking for! I was impressed! The search is able to read or recognize text in the photos of wine bottles!
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    05-24-2015 04:20 PM
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    Never use the option, I have everything in neatly sorted folders :D I'm weird like that... but it's good to know that it works!
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    05-24-2015 07:46 PM
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    Can anyone clarify what happens to the OneDrive storage if you don't use it before the promotional period ends? I received 200gb of free storage for a year and haven't used it up yet, but a year is coming up in February 2016. I don't want to lose it and I don't want to pay for it.
    07-19-2015 09:25 PM

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